When I Saw This “Vulgar” Billboard On The Side Of The Road, I Knew It Would Make Headlines

Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are depicted negatively on a “vulgar” billboard that was put up in Maryland. The president and vice president are caricatured on the billboard, which is located in Huntington, Calvert County, near Route 4 and Bowie Shop Road. The sign reads, “DON’T BLAME TRUMP! ” and includes cartoon versions of the president and vice president lying in piles of poo. These two (expletive) heads are stuck on you.

Many individuals in Maryland find the sign offensive, despite the fact that those who disagree with Biden’s political views welcome it. For instance, Jeanette Flaim, chair of the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee, has fought against the sign in the media in an effort to have it taken down.

It’s just vulgar, she remarked. Every day, children pass by the school on their way to and from their parents’ cars. Simply said, we don’t believe parents or children should have to witness it.

Flaim might not be successful in convincing the town to take down the billboard, though. The 2015 Reed v. Town of Gilbert Supreme Court Decision, according to the Calvert Record and Southern Maryland News, may force county commissioners to maintain the “sh*t head” sign despite its offensive nature. On the grounds that they were exercising their right to free expression, the decision agreed with the person who posted the “offensive” statement.

Board of County Commissioners President Buddy Hance stated: “There is nothing that we, as the county government, can do for language that is on a legal sign. You should be aware that our nation was founded on the principle of free speech, and that sometimes we agree with what is said in that context and other times we don’t.

Flaim (above) does not intend to give up so simply, though. She knows the site of the billboard has long had a pro-Trump agenda because the banner says it is “from all your deplorables in Calvert County.” Although she does not object to that, she contends that the current sign’s images and message are insufficient for public display. She doesn’t want the young people who live in Maryland to see the profanity. She believes that by applying public pressure to the poster of the sign, they would take it down and substitute something less offensive or divisive.

She said, “We haven’t complained about any other indications. “This sign, in our opinion, is detrimental to all of us in Calvert, once again. Republicans, Independents, and everyone else.

Requests for comment from the individual holding the anti-Biden sign have not yet received a response. Do they conceal themselves from view or do they let the sign speak for them?

The general election in 2020 was extremely contentious and polarizing. Biden fulfilled his campaign commitment to immunize 100 million Americans against COVID-19 during his first 100 days in office.

What do you think about this offensive billboard that was placed on the side of the road in Maryland? Should it be permitted to remain?

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