Waitress’ Response To Customer After “”Inappropriate”” Order Request..

Female waitresses often face challenging situations in their line of work. Despite some male waiters’ claims, women have to deal with issues they may not even consider. Attractive women, in particular, are often subjected to harassment and unwanted advances from some male customers, who seem to have only one thing on their minds – and it’s not food or drink. Despite these difficulties, most of these hardworking professionals manage to maintain their composure and provide excellent service with a smile, even if they may be seething with anger on the inside.

However, in this particular joke, the waitress does not hold back in expressing her true feelings and making it clear to one customer what she thinks of his “order.” A man enters a restaurant and gets seated. He notices that all the waitresses are exceptionally attractive. One particular waitress, with a curvaceous figure, wearing a very short skirt and seemingly endless legs, approaches his table and inquires if he is prepared to place his order:

“What would you like, sir?”
He looks at the menu and then scans her beautiful frame top to bottom, then answers, “A quickie.”The waitress turns and walks away in disgust.
After she regains her composure she returns and asks again,

“What would you like, sir?”
Again the man thoroughly checks her out and again answers, “A quickie, please.”
This time her anger takes over, she reaches over and slaps him across the face with a resounding “SMACK!” and storms away.
A man sitting at the next table leans over and whispers,
“Um, I think it’s pronounced ‘QUICHE.’”

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