Video Shows Passenger Duct-Taped To Seat After Alleged Confrontation With Flight Crew

Mid-flight Chaos: American Airlines Passenger Restrained With Duct Tape
In an unexpected incident on American Airlines Flight 1774, a passenger who allegedly assaulted the flight crew and attempted to open the cabin door mid-flight was restrained using duct tape.

The Incident Caught on Camera
A video circulated on social media depicts a woman, appearing to be in a state of distress, bound to her seat with duct tape. The woman, with silver hair, can be seen with her mouth, body, and arms securely fastened to the seat by the adhesive. Amidst this, the woman is heard screaming repeatedly: “You! You! You!” as fellow passengers disembark the plane, while flight attendants courteously bid them farewell.

Unforeseen Turbulence on the Two-Hour Flight
The overnight flight, which was already delayed by three hours, was scheduled from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, NC. However, an hour into the journey, the plane turned into a scene of confusion. A passenger, @lol.ariee, who uploaded the original video on social media, detailed the bedlam on board.



She narrated that around 1:30 a.m., the flight attendants began switching on the lights, appearing to be in a state of alarm as they scurried along the aisle, whispering among themselves. According to her, the cabin crew then proceeded to lock the bathrooms and fetch bags from the overhead compartments, all while not providing any explanations to the baffled passengers.

“The situation was chaotic, and no one knew what was happening,” she recalled.

Subsequently, the pilot made an announcement over the intercom requesting passengers to remain seated due to an ongoing issue on the aircraft.

“As the flight progressed, the screaming became more pronounced, and we started to worry,” she said.

The Truth Revealed

As the flight was about to land, a flight attendant sitting nearby divulged what had transpired. A woman had a sudden breakdown and desperately sought to leave the aircraft. The woman then moved to the exits and began pounding on the doors, insisting that they let her off the plane.

@lol.ariee stated, “It seemed like it took all five flight attendants to subdue her and bring her under control. They managed to immobilize her, seat her down, and eventually used duct tape to restrain her.”

Confirmation from American Airlines

American Airlines confirmed the incident to The Post, stating that the woman had attacked and bit a flight attendant. This came after she attempted to pry open the forward boarding door, prompting the crew to restrain her for the safety of the other passengers and crew members.



Upon landing in Charlotte, emergency personnel met the flight, and the woman was transported to a local hospital, as stated by the airline.

In the aftermath of this incident, the woman was added to American Airline’s “internal” no-fly list, pending further investigation.

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