Vanna White hires an “aggressive new lawyer” after working on “Wheel of Fortune” for almost 20 years without earning a raise.



Vanna White’s Compensation Discrepancy: Seeking Just Remuneration for Decades of Devotion

Despite serving as a co-host on the game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ since 1982, it appears Vanna White’s remuneration does not reflect the immense dedication and service she has provided over the last four decades.

A Plea for Equal Compensation

According to a recent report, White has not seen a salary increase in nearly twenty years, leading her to seek the aid of a tenacious new attorney. White’s goal is to receive the financial reward she has justly earned, given her significant contributions to the show, particularly in the wake of host Pat Sajak’s departure. Puck reports that White earns $3 million annually, but it’s noteworthy to mention that Sajak earns roughly five times that amount.

There has been ongoing speculation as to why Sajak commands a significantly larger salary as the show’s host. However, alternate sources contend that White’s responsibilities extend beyond just co-hosting; she actively promotes the show and spends more time on set compared to Sajak.

Highlighting the Pay Gap

The stark wage difference becomes glaringly evident when one considers that despite both being 66 years old, Sajak’s compensation is approximately five times higher than White’s. Puck’s report on White’s supposed annual income of $3 million has sparked a conversation about Sajak’s elevated earnings. But the divergent views on White’s dedication to promoting the show and her extra hours on set argue for a fairer compensation structure.

A Strong Sentiment for Legacy

Prior to Sajak’s recent announcement, White had already voiced her difficulty imagining ‘Wheel of Fortune’ without their joint presence. She likened their longstanding association with the show to iconic figures such as Ken and Barbie.

White shared her feelings, stating, “Pat and Vanna are synonymous with Wheel of Fortune. We are uniquely intertwined, having been invited into viewers’ homes for four decades. The thought of someone else turning my letters seems unfamiliar and odd.”

With Sajak’s departure, White has also voiced the challenge of continuing the show solo, highlighting the synergistic nature of their partnership. She expressed her melancholy, saying, “The thought saddens me. I would rather not entertain the idea.”

A Plea for Just Compensation

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