Two Idaho Sheriff’s Deputies Stop To Grab A Bite To Eat, Server Slips Them A Note Expressing Her Gratitude

When two Idaho sheriff’s deputies stopped to grab a bite to eat, they thought they would be in and out of the restaurant without much fuss. That all changed, however, when their server decided to slip them an unexpected note.


Two Madison County Sheriff deputies were eating lunch on a Tuesday afternoon when they got a bit of an unexpected surprise to go along with their meal. Rather than just receiving their tab at Frescos Kitchen & Grill in Rexburg, their server decided a heartfelt note, expressing her gratitude, was also in order — but she didn’t stop there.

The server decided to pick up their tab as well, which she revealed in a sincere thank-you note to the deputies, who were expecting their bill. “I know it’s not even close to enough, but this one’s on me as a small ‘thank you,’” the note read, according to KOMO News. “You guys sacrifice so much for us & I greatly appreciate it. A great big ‘thank you’ to all the men and women who serve us. Have a great day.”


The deputies were touched by the thank-you note from their server, who graciously paid the tab for their lunch, and they weren’t alone. Apparently, their coworkers were moved by the gesture as well, prompting the sheriff’s office to write a “note” of their own. Taking to social media with an image of the server’s kind gesture, the deputies’ supervisor wrote a post expressing their gratitude.

“Once again the incredible support from our community shines! This is a photo of the note left on the tab of two of our deputies by their server at Frescos Kitchen & Grill after they had lunch this afternoon,” the Madison County Sheriff’s office wrote on their Facebook page, alongside an image of the server’s note.


“We can not express [our] gratitude enough. This is always unexpected and always hits the heartstrings of all of us here at the Sheriff’s Office,” the post continued. “We love our great community and are proud to serve here, we know we have immense support from the community but it still comes as such an unexpected surprise when such kindness is extended to us.”

The post concluded with a warm thank-you, specifically directed to the selfless server. “To: whomever it was that did this kind and generous deed…THANK YOU! Thank you as a Sheriff’s Office and thank you as their supervisor, it gives me great comfort knowing that there are others who are watching over and caring for our deputies!”

Of course, the sweet gesture was commended as an “awesome way to pay it forward” by social media users, proving it’s the little things that make a difference. And, it’s no wonder such a small thing has a big impact since it’s a great break from the troubling stories that too often plague our news, involving law enforcement officers and the scrutiny, discrimination, and even violence they too often face.

When a cop can’t even stop to get a drink without worrying about the person behind the counter defouling it in some obscene or disrespectful way, it’s nice to know that there are plenty of members of the public as well as the foodservice industry who recognize that the vast majority of police officers are actually kind, compassionate, and caring people who want to do their job — and make it home safely as well.

It has to be hard to protect and serve when you feel hated by the very people you are protecting and serving. Not to mention having to fear for your life, not knowing whether someone with an anti-cop mentality is going to ambush you. It must provide at least a small comfort, however, to receive a reminder that there are those who appreciate your willingness to put your life on the line for others.

Perhaps we should all take a lesson from this waitress and remember to show more gratitude towards those who keep our communities safe. It’s a tough job that’s seldom given the appreciation it deserves. Kudos to those brave men and women who are willing to suit up and do it — and a heartfelt thank-you to those who step up to show them the support.

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