The View Cancels Scheduled Interview With Jason Aldean: “They’re Cowards”

When Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town” made national news for being “controversial,” it was no surprise that the ladies of “The View” jumped on the bandwagon to call him names.

Without any merit to their claims, they called him a “racist.” They said he was a “Trumpster who believed the Big Lie.” They eviscerated him all across their program for days. They even extended an offer for him to come and face their wrath live on the show.

They didn’t, however, expect him to accept. “Once I said yes they rescinded the offer,” said Aldean, “It’s almost like they don’t want to talk about the truth at all.”

A representative for the show confirmed that Aldean was considered for a guest spot but the show decided it would be best not to have him on, which makes one wonder what they’re so afraid of.

ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah caught up with The View’s Executive Producer, Joe Barron, who went a little bit further on why they nixed the Aldean interview.

“We have a process for vetting guests,” said Barron, “not so much for their politics but for their ability to engage in a productive debate. We interviewed Jason and unfortunately, he’s an idiot. He’s never been to a small town. He dresses metrosexual. He was gonna make a real fool of himself, which would make Whoopi and Joy look…cruel.”

He’s not wrong, patriots. Toss a dumbass fish in those waters and them piranas will eat it alive. God Bless America.

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