The Scene Where Archie Bunker Defends The National Anthem Is Going Viral 50 Years Later

Archie Bunker most definitely was a memorable tv character. For years, he appeared as a star of “All within the Household” and struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of People who felt they might relate to Bunker’s views on being an American.

The present described Bunker as a hard-working American man who beforehand served within the armed forces, which explains why he was unwilling to face by and let one other man belittle the Star-Spangled Banner and be disrespectful towards it and all it stood for.

Though a few of his feedback haven’t aged nicely contemplating the “woke” revolution overtaking America lately, Bunker’s stance in favor of the nationwide anthem continues to talk to hundreds of thousands of People who proceed to place their delight in America earlier than all else.

Throughout this clip, Bunker was watching tv along with his son-in-law, Meathead.

Whereas the nationwide anthem was being performed forward of a sports activities occasion, Meathead complained concerning the anthem and mentioned that it was not an excellent tune as a result of it glorified the horrors of warfare. Though modern-day critics of the nationwide anthem declare it’s racist in opposition to Black, brown, and indigenous folks of coloration, Meathead was taking a stance in opposition to the anthem as a result of it was written in the course of the Warfare of 1812 between the fledgling United States of America and Nice Britain.

Whereas Meathead shared his criticism of the anthem, Archie Bunker shortly got here to its protection. “That’s one horrible tune,” Meathead complains to his father-in-law. The bunker can’t consider his ears and lets his son-in-law know as a lot.

He turns his gaze to Meathead along with his eyes coming out of his head in shock at what he simply heard come out of his son-in-law’s mouth. “Don’t begin up nothing with me, Meathead. I’m watching the sport. That’s a wonderful tune, and shut your face.” He shifts in his chair and prepares to counter Bunker’s assertion with one among his personal innovations.

“Huh? The tune glorifies warfare, and at the same time as a tune, it stinks. No one can bear in mind the phrases.” “You’re going to spoil this recreation for me?” Bunker lashed again. “Are you able to bear in mind the phrases?” “Definitely I can!” Bunker shouts. Meathead then challenges the patriotic Archie Bunker to sing the primary few strains of the nationwide anthem. What occurs subsequent may have you rolling on the ground with laughter. Meathead doubles down and refuses to place the sport again on till Bunker recites the phrases of the anthem. Dozens of individuals commented on this delightfully humorous clip from All within the Household on the YouTube video included beneath. “Discuss selecting battles.

Mike simply couldn’t shut up and let Archie take pleasure in his soccer recreation, together with the nationwide anthem. Go, Archie!” “When these two argue, Mike is often in the precise about issues, however there are two episodes when Archie is appropriate, and Mike is fallacious.

Considered one of them is that this episode when Mike is disrespecting our Nationwide Anthem.” What’s your response to this humorous clip? Each time you share our story, you assist construct a house for a disabled veteran.

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