The puppy stretched its paw through the bars, it wanted to touch people in this way

As soon as this adorable shelter dog sees any of the workers approaching his cage, he immediately pushes his face through the bars and reaches for the person with his paw.

It was so touching։ longing for the love and care of a person and therefore stretches out her paw, so as not to experience loneliness. She is very sad when an employee leaves for other business.


The name of this doggie is Speck and for about a year and a half this nice guy lived in an orphanage in Alabama. However, he never managed to find the owners.

There was a time when Speck wandered the streets and from this period there were even scars on his face. However, the hard life did not affect his character in any way, he was incredibly friendly and sweet.


Even when he is surrounded by other animals, he still wanted to communicate with a person. He dreamed about it and it was this doggie who needed a warm and cozy home and caring owners.

And just recently, one of the employees of the shelter, while cleaning the enclosures, filmed a video with Speck and published the picture on the shelter’s page on the social network.


The video received a huge number of views and there were kind people who wanted to become its owners. It was decided to transfer it to the farm to a man named Mike, where, in addition to the owner and his family, there are also two dogs.

Now all that remains is to find a transport on which the wonderful Speck will travel to another state.

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