The old man gave his home to the church despite having no family.


A Legacy of Devotion and a Hidden Treasure: The Story of Erickson’s Unique Collection

A Pillar of Community and Faith

Erickson was more than just a regular face at the Celebration Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. He was the epitome of devotion, greeting each church member with a warm smile and ensuring the seamless functioning of all activities. One could easily say he was someone who “always had his eye on the ball.”

“A man who gives relentlessly often has layers of depth beneath his surface.”

A Stunning Revelation

After Erickson’s passing at the age of 69 last December, his community was in for a surprise. It was only then that they discovered his extraordinary collection of rare toy vehicles housed in his Eagan, Minnesota residence.

The Extent of the Collection

Lisa Lundstrom, who was tasked with managing Erickson’s estate, reported that the collection is mind-boggling. It contains around 30,000 cars and seven beautifully preserved functional vehicles. The toy cars occupy every conceivable space in his home.

“You would think it’s a spacious four-bedroom house, but the toy cars make it hard to tell,” Lundstrom remarked.

More than Just Church Ties

Lundstrom isn’t just the executor of Erickson’s estate; she’s also the Chief Financial Officer of the church and the daughter of its founding pastor. She mentioned that Erickson, an only child with no surviving parents, saw the church as his family.

A Private Passion Revealed

Entering his house for the first time after his passing, Lundstrom understood why Erickson had been so private about his collection. He had meticulously cared for each piece, something evident from the cleaning supplies she found.

“He had a systematic way of maintaining his collection. A rotation of cleaning and placement that’s simply awe-inspiring,” Lundstrom noted.

A Lifelong Affair with Cars

Erickson wasn’t just a collector; he was a civil engineer with a lifelong passion for cars, dating back to his childhood. Lundstrom discovered that Erickson had even saved the original boxes for every vehicle. Furthermore, built-in bookshelves and a brochure detailing his mini car collection were found in his home.

A Future for the Collection

The church plans to sell Erickson’s cars to an individual or organization who will value them as much as he did. The expected value of Erickson’s estate, including his cars and real estate, is well into the six-figure range.

The Legacy Continues

The proceeds from Erickson’s estate will be used for expanding the church’s youth and children’s ministries, along with supporting causes he held dear, such as cancer research and veteran care.

“We aim to honor Erickson’s life and devotion by putting his estate’s funds to good use,” said Lundstrom.

In this way, Erickson’s legacy of service and devotion will live on, touching lives in ways that transcend material possession.

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