The bartender decides to play a trick on the cowboy

One night a lone cowboy rode into a small town. He immediately went to the only saloon in town and ordered a drink.

While drinking he asked the bartender if there was a room and any women around. The bartender told him he had a room for rent and then glanced over to his friends drinking at another table.

They decided to play a joke on the cowboy. As the evening drug on, the cowboy became very drunk but was still asking about a woman.

Finally the bartender sent his friends upstairs on a mission and they returned shortly. Then the bartender told the cowboy that they only had one woman there but she was upstairs waiting on him. In fact, the bartender’s friends had carried a blow-up doll upstairs and placed her in cowboy’s bed.

The cowboy bid everyone good night and slowly climbed the stairs. Filled with anticipation he approached the room and went inside as the men downstairs listened with great interest. After a few moments, they heard the bed springs squeaking and moans of pleasure coming from the room.

Then everything was quiet.

Not being able to sleep with anticipation of the coming morning, the men decided to play poker through the night and await the man coming down the next morning. As he came down the stairs, they noticed a strange look on his face.

They asked, “Well, cowboy, how was the woman?”

He hesitated, then answered, “Man, that was the best piece of ass I ever had, but the strangest thing happened. After I screwed her, I bit her on the titty and she farted and flew out the window and I haven’t seen her since.”

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