The 103-year-old grandmother is celebrating her birthday. A parade was organized in his honor as the school’s oldest graduate

Age is not lived years, but a state of mind. If a person is energetic and young in spirit, old age cannot be an obstacle to full-fledged joys of life. 103 years old Olga Marsten Howet, despite her advanced age, enjoys every day. The woman has a happy family.

She and her husband Walter Havet, raised ten children and lived together for many happy years. Olga is an honorary graduate of the school in Dakkota, which has a very interesting tradition.Every year the school makes a parade of graduates of different years and this year the administration of the school invited Olga to lead the parade.

This was a real event for a woman. In addition, it was also her birthday – Olga turned 103 years old.

On the day of the parade, the woman was very worried. She remembered her school years and the day when she was a seventeen-year-old graduate. The native school has not forgotten its students.

It was no coincidence that they invited Olga precisely on the day of her birthday. This day was unique and gave a lot of positive emotions. Olga finished school back in 1936. Through so many years and generations, she was again in her native school, which for ten years had become her second home.

On this day, graduates came to her house and sang a song for the birthday girl. Then they gave Olga a school uniform and the whole company went on a tour of the city. The school organizes alumni parades every year and invites alumni from different years to participate. Olga Hawet had unique emotions and spent an unforgettable day among her relatives. Her sons and grandchildren were with her.

It is very important when in old age a person feels needed and loved. Thanks to this, at any age you can feel energetic and full of strength. Olga is an example of the fact that age is just a symbol. The true age is in the soul of a person, in his inner feeling. Olga is happy among her family and life for her every day takes on a new meaning.

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