‘Still Going Strong’ as Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary

In a recent video of her and her TV host husband at Lake Como, Italy, Marjorie captioned it, “Anniversary time with the Love of My Life.”.


Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey are marking 16 years of wedlock!

The Family Feud host, 66, and his wife, 58, shared some behind-the-scenes images from their wedding anniversary photo shoot on their Instagram accounts.

The Harveys traveled to Italy’s Lake Como to celebrate their important anniversary, according to stylist Elly Karamoh, who chose the Harveys’ outfits for the occasion.

Marjorie shared videos of her and her husband gazing tenderly at each other, walking downstairs, and standing by a lake. Several times, they even kissed.

“Anniversary time with the Love of My Life,” she captioned the adorable video she made to the swoon-worthy Coco Jones song “ICU.”. ”.

Steve released the exact same video with the caption, “Still going strong. ”.

The television personality continued, “Baby,” on his Instagram Story, where he once more shared his deep sorrow over the loss of his wife.

Celebrities like Wendy Raquel Robinson and Deon Cole, two comedians, flooded the comment sections on the Harveys’ posts commemorating their anniversary. Cole jokingly exclaimed, “Maaan, this is everything to me!” as Robinson praised the couple and penned, “Yeasssss! If only I could be faithful. ”.

Harvey, who is known for bringing his “A” game when it comes to fashion, looked dapper in a custom gold tweed blazer by Dolce and Gabbana worn over a flowy white outfit by Loewe, according to a photo shared on Instagram by stylist Karamoh.

Marjorie complemented her husband’s attire with a silky anniversary ensemble that included a backless YSL gown with a thigh-high leg split and a matching fur-trimmed cloak. She added a lavish updo and sparkling jewelry as accessories to the outfit.

They first met in a comedy club in 1990, and their relationship lasted only a short while before ending. They got back in touch after some time, and they got married in 2007.

The marriage gave birth to the couple’s seven children: Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Wynton, Morgan, Jason, and Lori, as well as seven grandchildren.

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