Stepmom delivers special wedding vows to four-year-old – his reaction breaks my heart



Heartwarming Wedding Vows Bring Tears to Four-Year-Old Gage

A Touching Wedding Moment

The purity of emotions that weddings evoke is unparalleled. This truth was demonstrated vividly by four-year-old Gage, whose struggle to contain his feelings during his father’s wedding touched hearts. US Marine Corps sergeant Joshua Newville was tying the knot with Senior Airman Emily Leehan in Ripley, New York.


A Precious Father-Son Bond

Young Gage stood proudly beside his father, witnessing the exchange of vows between Joshua Newville and Emily Leehan. The heartfelt moments, however, took an unexpected turn when Leehan began reciting vows tailored especially for Gage. As she expressed her heartfelt words, the floodgates of Gage’s emotions burst open.


A Tearful Turning Point

Leehan began her vows, “I want you to be safe, and to try your hardest and to be a good person.” The weight of these words proved overwhelming for Gage. Almost instantly, he embraced Leehan, succumbing to his feelings in the presence of the moved onlookers. Amidst the collective sighs of tenderness, Leehan tried to soothe him, saying, “Don’t cry, baby.” The overwhelming love and sincerity in the air were palpable.


A Message of Affection

Leehan’s vows continued, “The last thing I hope you learn is that you are a special boy. You are so extremely smart, handsome, and kind to others. You have helped shape me into the woman that I am today and I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.” Both Leehan and Newville were overcome with emotion, a testament to the profound connection they shared.

A Memorable Ceremony

Despite their immediate return to active-duty life, Leehan and Newville’s ceremony was etched in everyone’s hearts. The newlyweds’ commitment to duty postponed their honeymoon plans as they returned to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst to embark on their married journey together.


A Timeless Reminder of Love’s Power

The video capturing Gage’s emotional response to Leehan’s vows serves as a timeless reminder of the depth of love’s impact. This heartwarming story encapsulates the essence of unity, family, and the raw beauty of genuine emotions.

Sharing the Joy

This touching tale spreads happiness and love. If you were touched by this story, consider sharing it to light up the lives of your friends and acquaintances, reinforcing the significance of love in our lives.

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