Son of Roy Rogers recalls the last act of “King of the Cowboys” before passing

Roy Rogers: The King of the Cowboys and His Legendary Journey

Roy Rogers, often hailed as the “King of the Cowboys,” etched his mark on the entertainment landscape with nearly 200 appearances in movies and television shows. Even though he passed away in 1998 at the age of 86, his legacy remains vividly alive.


The Tale of Lemon Cream Pie and Love

Discover how Roy Rogers, born Leonard Slye on November 5, 1911, in Cincinnati, Ohio, embarked on a path that led him to his first wife, thanks to his fondness for lemon cream pie.

Rogers’ roots were grounded in Duck Run, Ohio, where he was raised on a family farm. A profound love for animals was evident even in his formative years.

His early years saw him winning a 4H competition at a county fair in Scioto, Ohio, showcasing his pet pig Evangeline. A journey to Columbus unveiled the world beyond the farm, leaving an indelible impression.


Navigating the Great Depression and Aspirations

Growing up during the Great Depression posed challenges for Rogers and millions of Americans seeking employment. His dreams of becoming a doctor or dentist were interrupted by the need to support his family, leading him to abandon school and work in a shoe factory.

Music was Rogers’ constant companion. Initially, he played the mandolin and called square dances. In 1930, a pivotal event changed his course.

The family’s move to California wasn’t the grand dream they had anticipated, yet the better prospects and agreeable climate convinced them to relocate to Los Angeles. Rogers played his part by picking fruit and driving a gravel truck, determined to support his family.


Music and Lemon Meringue Pies

Rogers’ musical journey took a turning point when he joined The Rocky Mountaineers and later formed The Pioneer Trio, launching his rise to fame. It was during this period that he encountered Lucille Ascolese, who would become his first wife, all starting with a pie.

In the midst of the Great Depression, Rogers found himself in Roswell, New Mexico, where hunger and the love for hunting prompted him to ask for assistance. The result? Two enticing lemon meringue pies, delivered by none other than Lucille Ascolese, his future wife.


A Career Blossoms

Rogers’ musical endeavors evolved, leading him to cinematic fame. Collaborating with his band, they ventured into movies and records, laying the foundation for his transition into acting.

The collaboration between Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, his second wife, became legendary. Their chemistry was evident in “Cowboy and the Senorita” (1944), and their marriage surprised many, setting a heartwarming example.


Overcoming Challenges and Personal Loss

Rogers’ journey was not without challenges. Dale’s strong evangelical Christian faith had a transformative impact on his life, easing his fear of public speaking and deepening his connection with God. Their life journey was marked by the tragic loss of their daughter Robin due to complications from Down syndrome.

In the wake of these adversities, Rogers and Evans adopted several children and weathered the storms of life together. Rogers ventured into the business world, founding Roy Rogers Restaurants and maintaining a genuine connection with fans.


A Farewell to the King

Roy Rogers, the quintessential hero and “King of the Cowboys,” left an indelible legacy. His impact spanned movies, television, and even the business realm. He passed away in 1998 due to congestive heart failure, leaving behind a family that cherished his memory.


Honoring a Cowboy Legacy

Roy Rogers’ legacy persists, embedded in the hearts of countless admirers. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a beloved entertainer remains an inspiration for generations to come.

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