Some fans shocked to learn the identity of the ‘homeless man’ is a beloved actor with hundreds of millions

While some celebrities are known for their larger-than-life egos, others, who are equally successful, subscribe to a different type of philosophy that’s directed by humility and good heartedness.

Keanu Reeves is one of those modest and down-to earth stars who, despite the hundreds of millions he frequently banks, is a genuinely kind human, the heartbeat of Hollywood.

Never boasting his riches or drawing attention to himself with extravagant clothing, the loveable star oftentimes goes unrecognized, as he plays the role of commoner too well.

Keep reading to learn why Reeves was recently confused for a homeless man!

Keanu Reeves, 59, is an action star known for memorable roles in Matrix, John Wick and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

However, the role he’s most adored is the one he plays in real life, as a compassionate and thoughtful human being.

Keanu Reeves is seen outside his Hotel on May 30, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Alo Ceballos/GC Images)

The man is an enigma and does many things that a lot of celebrities would refuse, like riding public transit and even offering his seat on the subway to another passenger.

He even once patiently stood outside, in the rain for 20 minutes, at the wrap party for his own film Daughter of God because he didn’t want to make a scene.

Recently, the star of Speed was captured in images, wandering the streets with long hair hidden under a trucker hat, a black bushy beard sprinkled with gray, and clothed in an average khaki jacket, brown pants and worn shoes.

In one of the images, the Point Break star, who’s been dating girlfriend Alexandra Grant since 2017, is seen sitting on the ground, leaning up against a wall, with a bottle of orange Gatorade placed next to him and a cigarette in his hand.

When people saw the pictures, some couldn’t figure out who the unidentified “homeless man” was, but others quickly guessed it was their real-life hero, Keanu Reeves.

Fans poured in with comments, the majority praising the superstar on being the perfect example of humility and thoughtfulness.

“Keanu Reeves, this man has a giant heart. [There will] never be another man like him,” writes one, while a second shares, “The best kind of people remain humble, no matter what this lot in life extends to them in wealth.”

A third writes, “The best kind of people remain humble, no matter what this lot in life extends to them in wealth…”

BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 23: Keanu Reeves is seen entering his hotel on April 23, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Poshine/GC Images)

A fourth says, “[He] is the best. I hope he continues to be humble and keep helping people that are struggling now a days. It’s very tough out there, to have nothing and struggling.”

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