Sofia Vergara publicly proclaims her love for new boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Sofia Vergara was famously married to Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello. Once their split was announced, it seemed that Maganiello was out dating again quite quickly.

Now, it seems Vergara is not only back in the market but has already found a suitor! Keep reading to see who she is dating, you might recognize him!

Sofia Vergara has recently been making waves because of her latest series, Griselda. In it, she plays a domineering Colombian businesswoman who creates one of the most successful cartels in history.

n her personal life, the actress made headlines a few months ago because of her famous split from her actor husband, Joe Maganiello. It seems now that the actress is ready to move on, as she sparked rumors with a new love in her life.

In October last year, Vergara was pictured heading out to dinner with a handsome man, Dr. Justin Saliman, an orthopedic surgeon. The actress was wearing a black corset with purple suede pants and black heels as she was spotted out to dinner in Beverly Hills with her date. She kept quiet about the date and did not reveal whether it was serious.

Her date Dr. Justin Saliman, studied sports medicine at Stanford. During this time, he cared for San Francisco 49ers as well as Stanford athletes. He then went on to get his medical degree at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The doctor practices at the famous Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center of Columbia University in New York City.

And apart from his career as a doctor, it seems he also is an inventor. He is credited with creating the NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair System. The technology was acquired by medical technology company Smith & Nephew in 2019 for a staggering $105 million. So clearly, he is well to do as well! According to his website, he still uses the device to repair knee joints and he is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on sewing meniscus tears back together.

As for his relationship with Vergara, just a month after they were first spotted together in October, a source told ET that things had been “going great” and that the actress was “taking things slow.”

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