Sofia Vergara celebrates her 51st birthday in Italy – fans notice worrying detail in pictures

LOS ANGELES – JAN 25: Sofia Vergara arrives to the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA
An effortless and enviable beauty, Modern Family alumn Sofia Vergara, who’s celebrating her birthday in Italy, is being honest about turning 51 years old and what it has entailed.

Sofia Vergara, who celebrated her 51st birthday with her “best friends” on a luxury Italian vacation, poked fun at herself in an Instagram post, where she’s seen on a patio, the ocean serving as the background to her makeup-free, flawless face.

The Colombian American actress captioned the post, which is translated from Spanish, “Waking up here on my 51st birthday! Still healthy, dreams, energy, (my knees already hurt, yes) but with a lot of joy to live! Thank you all for the messages!!”

The stunning actress, who looks incredibly young, jokingly referred to her knees and how it feels to be aging!


Celebrity friends jumped in, wishing her a happy day and commented on her amusing post. Model Heidi Klum writes, “I love you Sofia. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday,” a comment that compelled comedian Howie Mandel to say, “Happy birthday. @heidiklum is so lucky to have you in her life.”

Meanwhile, Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland simply said, “HAAAAAAAA…”

Among those who wished the star of Hot Pursuit on her big day was her son, Manolo, whom she shares with ex-husband Joe Gonzalez. “Te quiero mucho,” he writes.

Last year, Manolo posted a sweet video reel of images, starting with a picture of her from when she was a child.

Translated to English, Manolo writes, “Happy forty ten!!!! I love you so much Ma, that the next 40+10 you will be even better!!!!!!!”

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