Single Mississippi Dad Adopts Boy Who Went through 3 Foster Families & Gives Him Love He Never Had

Love is an unstoppable force that can redirect someone’s life completely. This was the case for one boy after he met a kind man from Mississippi. The teen gained the affection he had always longed for.

Single dad Stacey Barr has a heart of gold, and he was excited to be a foster parent. He enjoyed and valued nurturing young people, so he decided to make a difference in his community.

However, he never knew that the fostering journey would lead him to a young boy named Dakota. When the then-12-year-old arrived at Stacey’s house, the two quickly grew close. Their bond was one of a kind, which irrevocably changed both of their lives.


They Were Strangers
Dakota entered the foster care system as an insecure youngster. He bounced between homes, experienced immense loss, and saw life’s dark sides.

When Dakota was dropped at Stacey’s house for temporary placement, he was a closed book, and everything felt foreign. He had no idea what his new guardian looked like and didn’t even know his name.

The child was scared and had been through three previous foster homes in just three years. He had no desire to be adopted, and he also didn’t understand real love.

Stacey was eager to make the boy part of his family. He knew Dakota belonged in his home, but there was a long road ahead. They faced many ups and downs, but they faced it together.


The Single Dad Embraced Him
Thankfully, the atmosphere inside the Barr household was different. While Stacey feared the new challenge of looking after the boy, he stepped up and embraced him with open arms.

Dakota immediately felt welcomed by Stacey, and he liked having a room to himself—that was just the beginning of the happiness he would experience with his new foster parent.


Dakota Was Introduced to Unconditional Love
Dakota settled in well and couldn’t believe the warmth and acceptance Stacey showed him. The dad also became fond of his new foster child and felt their living arrangement could become permanent.

Before Dakota met Stacey, he viewed foster care negatively, but slowly, he started to see things differently. He finally had the two things that meant the world to him: love and a home.


His Desire to Be Adopted
Love changed Dakota’s mind about many things, and it helped with the challenges and inner turmoil he was facing. He recalled:

“I wanted to be adopted. Before that, I didn’t want to be adopted, but once I felt that love from a father, I knew, ‘Hey, I want some more of this.’”

Stacey was eager to make the boy part of his family. He knew Dakota belonged in his home, but there was a long road ahead. They faced many ups and downs, but they faced it together—every step of the journey was worth it.


Their Miraculous Connection
On November 30, 2020, after 1,740 days in foster care, the duo finally got what they deeply desired. Stacey adopted Dakota. Their instant connection and how their relationship blossomed was miraculous. The father explained:

“When the social worker left, he [Dakota] didn’t even know my name. Today, he shares mine.”

Their father-and-son bond restored so much within Dakota, and Stacey was sure they could write a book about their story. While there were many fun memories along the way, they also walked through seasons of hardship.

The Young Boy Was Welcomed In
Dakota had to deal with deep-rooted pain, and he was grateful Stacey was there for him. When one of his former foster parents passed away, the dad supported his son.

Stacey’s extended family also displayed rich love toward Dakota, making him feel like an integral part of their clan.


Grateful for the Love, Support, and Acceptance
The father thanked Southeast Lauderdale School for welcoming Dakota and making him feel comfortable, having left all his friends behind and moving to a new school as a stranger.

The transition was made easier because of countless kind teachers and pupils. They took Dakota under their wing and helped him adjust to his new routine. Stacey said:

“At [ Southeast Lauderdale], he was the new kid. Handsome, nice, but inside begging for acceptance. He found it. It took some time, but he found it. I’ll forever be grateful for the faculty, staff and kids that have loved my son.”


Two Lives Changed Forever
The single father was immensely grateful for his friends, particularly the ones who prayed for him and Dakota. He asked them to continue praying and thanked God for extending grace and faithfulness.

The ordeal changed Dakota’s life, but he was not the only one who experienced something new. Everything also changed for Stacey, who expressed:

“Today, I’m a different man. A better man. I could not be any more proud to call him son and to hear him call me dad. He’s now Dakota Graham Barr. Thank you all. For accepting. For loving. For praying.”


Stacey’s commitment to love and kindness is inspiring. He opened his heart and home to a stranger—in return, he gained so much.

The father and son enjoy spending time together, their pairing was meant to be. We wish them many more years of fun and lasting memories.

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