Single dad and son are homeless. Then stranger approaches them and offers life-changing help

Young single dad James Moss thought he had lost everything. This also meant he had nothing left to lose.Thankfully, an angel showed him otherwise.Luckily, his son was right by him, inspiring him to be the best version of himself and not give up hope.James knew how hard life can be since he grew up in an environment where many things others take for granted were not available.And that’s exactly what guided him through the upbringing of his son.He wanted better for his son.

“I want him to experience the things I missed growing up,” Moss explained in a video that went viral ago.Moss and his son used to live in New York, but, when he got a job offer in Denver, he figured it was a great opportunity to live in the Mile High City.It wouldn’t be without its woes.

Hoping for the best, he arranged with a friend to stay at his place for the first few weeks as a transition period.But then the tables turned.He found himself homeless and carless, trying to do the best for himself and his beloved son.One day, as he was walking on the streets of Denver, he met a guy named Leon Logothetis, who is a popular motivational speaker with #GoBeKind.

At first, he thought it was a random chat about kindness with a stranger on the street, but, eventually, it turned out to be a life-changing encounter.

“You have to be brought down to your humblest point, so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you,” Moss told Logothetis at the time.Logothetis then went on to ask him about what gave him the strength to keep going, and James explained that it was a combination of things.First, it was his son.His son for whom he tried to be the best father. At the same time, he tried to find courage through meditation and prayer.

It was Logothetis’ turn to talk.Yes, they didn’t know each other, but the man was there to give him some of the most precious gifts he had ever received.This was to spend on day-to-day expenses.Also, Moss and his nearly 2-year-old son could stay at a hotel for the next seven days, hoping that they would find a better place in the days that would follow.Moss couldn’t be more grateful.

Weeks after that encounter, Moss and his son were staying at a shelter and the man was working as a barber when they met a new friend.The woman started a GoFundMe page for them.They raised over $50k in donations.
This money could be spent on a safe vehicle, daycare, and housing expenses.The man, in a new video, expressed his gratefulness to the people who were touched by his story and were generous enough to help him during that hard time.

Moss has since then been trying to pay all the kindness he received forward.Theirs is an absolutely amazing story.
See Moss and Leon’s first encounter that led to a beautiful new life for Moss and his son below!

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