Reasons behind Kevin Coster’s wife of nearly 19 years Christine Baumgartner filing for divorce finally come to light



The Surprising Reason behind Kevin Costner’s Divorce Revealed

Kevin Costner, the star of Yellowstone, is facing a divorce from his wife of nearly 19 years, Christine Baumgartner. The news came as a shock to Costner, who is currently immersed in his upcoming directorial project, Horizon, a western movie.

According to close sources, Baumgartner, the one who filed for divorce, had allegedly warned Costner that she would leave him if he continued to be absent from home due to work commitments.


“During filming, Kevin is not around very much. His absence has been very hard for her,” a source revealed.

Costner was aware that his wife was unhappy in their marriage, but her decision to file for divorce still caught him off guard.

“Christine doesn’t want him to throw himself into another project. He has been obsessed with filming Horizon since last year. She wasn’t happy about it,” another source shared.

Costner’s career has sometimes taken precedence over his home life, causing tension within the marriage.


“All of this success and excitement over the new project probably took his attention away from his family more than he realized. Since it didn’t look like that would change and likely could get worse, it caused tension at home,” the source explained.

The couple began dating in 2000 and got married four years later. They have three children together, all under the age of majority. This isn’t Costner’s first marriage; he was previously married to his college sweetheart, Cindy Silva. However, their relationship ended in a bitter divorce, leaving Costner feeling lonely for an extended period.


Costner’s life took a positive turn when he met Baumgartner. They initially split because Costner didn’t want to have more children, but eventually reconciled when he had a change of heart.

Regarding the divorce, a representative for Costner expressed sadness and requested privacy for Costner, Baumgartner, and their children during this difficult time.


Baumgartner has reportedly not filed for spousal support, and it appears that there is a prenuptial agreement in place, as indicated by Costner’s response filed by his attorney, Laura Wasser.

While this news may come as a surprise to fans of Kevin Costner, it serves as a reminder that even celebrities face challenges in their personal lives. We hope both Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner find peace and happiness as they navigate this difficult period.

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