Parents’ Beloved Rainbow Baby Born With Rare Condition

A Journey of Triumph: Baby Adam’s Story
The arrival of a new life is typically a moment of unparalleled joy. Yet, when baby Adam was born, he was hurriedly taken away by medical professionals before his mother could lay eyes on him. Tired and yearning to hold her baby, Andrea West’s heart plummeted as her husband broke the news – something was amiss with their baby’s leg.

Andrea’s tale is an inspiring testimony of a mother’s courage. Sharing her journey of losing her baby, navigating the accompanying grief, and the subsequent hurdles has resonated with many who have faced similar predicaments, encouraging them to voice their experiences.

Andrea and her husband’s journey began during their college days. Their connection was immediate, and they envisioned a future together. They shared a home in New Jersey and, in October 2006, they formalized their commitment through marriage.

Excitement soared when Andrea discovered she was pregnant. However, a miscarriage only 11 weeks into her pregnancy threw their world into disarray. Andrea recalls her devastation, “I didn’t know what to do, who to talk to, what was appropriate to discuss, or who could help me.” Unbeknownst to her, this experience is shared by 1 in 4 women, a statistic not widely spoken about.



Andrea grappled with self-blame following the loss, but her husband’s unwavering support and reassurance helped her recover. Soon, she found herself pregnant again. Determined to do everything right this time, Andrea adopted a healthier lifestyle, adhering strictly to pregnancy-safe foods and setting up the nursery as suggested in books and community pages.

The arrival of their baby boy on September 21st was a joyous occasion. They named their “rainbow baby” Adam, honoring a friend of her husband’s who passed away at a young age. Andrea gave birth naturally, despite a lack of amniotic fluid.

A Difficult Diagnosis
The elation of Adam’s birth was overshadowed by a sense of foreboding when the doctor hastened to cut the umbilical cord himself, deviating from the usual custom of letting the father do so. Soon, their fears were confirmed: there was something unusual about Adam’s leg.

The room quickly filled with medical personnel eager to examine Adam, whose abdomen and a section of his leg were covered in red markings and bruises. The diagnosis was Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita (CMTC), a rare vascular malformation, with only 500 cases reported at the time.

Despite this, Adam was declared healthy after extensive testing and was discharged from the hospital. In the following weeks, Adam underwent numerous tests by dermatologists, geneticists, and orthopedists, all of which returned normal results.

Raising Awareness and Overcoming Obstacles
From Adam’s birth, his parents embarked on a journey to understand and raise awareness about CMTC. They attended conferences and connected with families dealing with similar situations. Despite many people, including medical professionals, being unfamiliar with CMTC, Andrea and her husband persistently educated as many people as possible about it.

The greatest concern for Adam’s parents was whether he would blend in with his peers. So far, Adam has surpassed all expectations. Engaged in sports and enjoying the company of his friends, Adam’s story is an ongoing testament to resilience and love.

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