New Video Surfaces Amid Investigation of Prince George’s Officer Entering Cruiser with Woman



A TikTok video featuring Corporal Francesco Marlett and an unnamed woman in the backseat of a marked police cruiser has brought the Prince George’s County Police Department to public attention. The event sparked a social media uproar, which prompted the department to act right away.

Marlett can be seen with the woman in the viral video, which has had over 2.4 million views since it was posted on TikTok, as they wait outside a marked police car in Oxon Hill’s Southlawn neighborhood. The second video’s contents are unknown because the footage shows them getting into the cruiser’s back together and shutting the door behind them.


Marlett’s activities are being investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Division, and Chief Malik Aziz suspended the officer’s police authority as soon as he was made aware of the matter on Tuesday.

Chief Aziz voiced his worry over the occurrence, admitting that it has caused a range of feelings in the neighborhood and reflected a poor light on the department and its dedicated personnel. He made it clear that he expected every officer to conduct themselves in a way that preserves the reputation of the department and the honor of the county. Additionally, Aziz told the citizens of Prince George’s County that he takes the situation very seriously.


Marlett has already encountered controversy. His girlfriend’s three-year-old boy was the subject of charges of child abuse and assault in 2016, and he was subject to disciplinary actions within the department. Marlett was consequently denied a promotion and given a $1,500 punishment. Charges against him were later dismissed, and his record was cleared.

Marlett’s record was further tarnished by more charges of domestic abuse in 2019 and 2023. The department investigated these claims and came to the conclusion that they were untrue.


Marlett and his family have been impacted by the aftermath of this occurrence. Paula Marlett, posing as the officer’s wife, posted about the experience on Facebook. She acknowledged that she was aware of the ongoing situation and referred to it as “embarrassing and painful” while pleading for the community’s and their families’ love, support, and respect.


The Prince George’s County Police Department is faced with the issue of regaining the public’s trust and ensuring that officers uphold the greatest standards of professionalism as the investigation progresses. How the department handles the incident and its effects on the community and its officers will be greatly influenced by the outcome of this investigation.

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