My brother’s new girlfriend

1. The Potent Potato Salad
We were having a barbecue party, and everyone brought a dish. My brother’s new girlfriend had prepared a homemade potato salad. It had a slightly odd taste, but it was delicious. However, the next day, everyone who had eaten from it got sick.
As I cleaned up later in the day, I noticed a horrible smell coming from the kitchen trash. When I opened it, I discovered packets of potato salad dressing hidden at the bottom. They were expired, and the stench was unbearable. Needless to say, I was both furious and grossed out.
2. The Bus Stop Surprise
I often saw a well-dressed woman at the bus stop, eating raw chicken that she had just bought from the grocery store nearby. This went on for months, and she seemed to be going to and from work. I couldn’t understand why she would eat raw chicken in the scorching South Texas summer heat while waiting for the bus.

3. The Metro Mishap
While on the metro one day, I saw a woman blowing her nose into her dreadlocks. It seemed to be a regular habit for her based on the crustiness and smell. It was quite a disgusting sight.
4. The Library Nail Clipper
At the university library, there was always a smelly old man with a long beard who would come in to use the free Wi-Fi. I could tolerate his obnoxious laughter since I had headphones on. Even his mountain of tangerine peels didn’t bother me because I liked tangerines. However, one day, he started clipping his dirty fingernails, and one of them flew straight at me. I immediately went to the staff and got him kicked out.

5. The Homeless Man’s Gift
I was sitting on a bench in the park when a homeless man approached me. Without saying a word, he threw a folded newspaper onto my lap and then vanished into the shadows. Curiosity got the better of me, and I opened the paper. Inside was a repulsive, slimy mass of unidentified goo that reeked of rot and decay. It felt like a surreal nightmare, but I was wide awake.
6. The Unsettling Encounter
When I was about 14, I was walking around the grocery store with my dad. I was engrossed in my phone and didn’t notice when he turned the corner into another aisle. To my surprise, there was a mom and her toddler-aged daughter in the aisle with me.In just 20 seconds, I watched as the daughter exclaimed, “Mommy, I have to sneeze!” Her mother got down on her hands and knees, allowing her daughter to sneeze directly into her mouth. They both acted as if nothing unusual had happened.

7. The Train Flosser
Once, on a midday regional train, the person sitting next to me took out a packet of floss and began flossing their teeth. Not only were food particles being flung from their mouth, but they also proceeded to clean their ears with their pinky finger and wipe the earwax on their pants. It was a truly stomach-turning sight.
8. The Food Court Incident
I witnessed a lady changing her baby’s diaper on a table in the crowded food court of a mall during Christmastime. Despite informing the custodial staff, they did nothing about it. It was a shocking lack of consideration for others.

9. The Hidden Stash
A homeless man arrived at our hospital with an abdominal abscess. As we attempted to clean his wound and assess the damage, we were horrified to discover that he had been hiding his money inside the abscess. He casually mentioned that he kept his money there to protect it from being stolen. It was a disturbing and unhygienic revelation.
10. The Subway Gum Chewer
While in the subway, a man in front of me hastily picked something up from the floor right next to my foot. To my disbelief, he put it in his mouth and started chewing on it. It turned out to be an old and stepped-on piece of gum that was stuck to the ground. It was both disgusting and mind-boggling.

11. The Burger Nightmare
I was eagerly waiting for my turn at a fast food joint, excited to enjoy my usual burger combo. However, as I unwrapped the burger, a foul smell wafted from the kitchen. Ignoring it, I proceeded to take a bite, only to find slimy tomatoes inside. To make matters worse, as I was about to complain, a cockroach scurried out from under the bun. I was horrified and completely lost my appetite.
12. The Rainy Feet
On my way home from school, I encountered a lady wearing flip-flops on a rainy day. What caught my attention were the deep fissures on the bottom of her feet, which allowed water to flow between them with every step. It was a rather unsettling sight.These stories serve as a reminder that there are bizarre and revolting moments that can happen in everyday life. It’s important to share these experiences and remind ourselves that we are not alone in encountering the creepy and disgusting.

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