Mom Fights For Son, 8, To Keep His Long Hair Despite Schools Rejecting Him



School regulations are a common experience for many, but some rules can be seen as overly restrictive, stifling children’s self-expression. One London mother and her 8-year-old son are challenging such regulations after multiple schools rejected him for having long hair.

Farouk James, an aspiring child model, has garnered attention from modeling agencies, with photo sessions in New York and Italy. However, his long hair became a point of contention when applying to schools.


Farouk’s mother, Bonnie Miller, explained that his father is Ghanaian, so they waited until he was three years old to cut his hair. Both parents grew attached to his beautiful hair, so they chose to keep it. Unfortunately, in the UK, where they reside, many schools have strict regulations prohibiting boys from having long hair, even if it’s acceptable for girls.

Bonnie argued that such regulations violate children’s human rights, emphasizing that she won’t stop advocating for legislative changes to protect children from these outdated rules.

To bring attention to the issue, Bonnie started a petition on to combat hair prejudice in the UK, forming a group called the Mane Generation. She stressed that their fight extends beyond the UK; it’s a global effort to change these rules.


Despite having over a quarter-million followers on Farouk’s Instagram account, which showcases his life as a child model, they still receive hateful comments alongside the positive ones.

Bonnie has encountered backlash, particularly after appearing on UK television to discuss their quest for a school that welcomes Farouk and his hair. She refuses to compromise Farouk’s identity and self-expression by cutting his hair to appease anyone.


Some schools have policies against dreadlocks or braids, which are considered racist by some. Bonnie is determined to continue advocating for Farouk and other children who face discrimination due to their desire to express their ethnic identity through their hair.

In the year 2022, it’s essential to address such outdated regulations, especially when it comes to rejecting children because of their hair. Farouk’s hair is a part of who he is, and these discriminatory rules should be abolished.

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