Mom causes heated debate by putting young daughter on leash at grocery store



Child Safety or Overprotection? The Leash Debate Continues

A Divisive Topic Among Parents

Parenting methods vary as much as individual personalities. However, certain subjects consistently spark passionate debates, with opinions often split down the middle. One such topic? Using a leash on children to ensure their safety.

The Spotlight on ‘Leashing’


The concept of attaching a leash or tether to a child – either on a harness or their wrist – to prevent them from running into harm’s way has long been a contentious one. Some argue it borders on child maltreatment, while others maintain it’s a necessary measure for safety.

A Mother’s Approach Draws Attention

Alexis Solis, a stay-at-home mom from Los Banos, California, recently found herself at the heart of this debate. She faced intense criticism after sharing a video of her using a leash on her child during a shopping trip. The video, aimed at emphasizing child safety, garnered a staggering 12 million views, igniting fervent discussions on parenting choices.

Safety Above All

Solis, a former behavioral analysis therapist and mother of two, is no stranger to children’s behavioral challenges. Her rationale behind the leash stems from a deep-rooted concern for child safety. In her video, she captures the moment she attaches the leash to her daughter, accompanying it with a candid caption that echoes her readiness to prioritize her children’s safety over public perception.

Reactions Pour In


With the video amassing almost 13 million views, netizens were quick to weigh in. While some criticized her approach, suggesting future repercussions, others empathized with her concerns. One comment even pointedly hoped someone would “leash” Alexis when she’s older.

Defending the Choice

In response to the critics, Alexis elaborated on her previous experience as a therapist for children on the autism spectrum. Many such children have a tendency to elope, or wander away, which can be perilous for both child and parent. The leash, she argued, offers an added layer of security in such situations.

The Broader Perspective

At the core of the debate is a universal concern for children’s safety. Whether one agrees with the method or not, it’s vital to approach such topics with empathy and understanding. After all, each parent’s ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being of their child.

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