Man jumps 25 feet off a bridge to sɑve a child thrown from a car in a multi-vehicle ɑccident

Man jumps 25 feet off a bridge to sɑve a child thrown from a car in a multi-vehicle ɑccident

When Jonathan Bauer decided to take the scenic but longer route home from work with his 13-year-old daughter, he had no idea that he would play a heroic role in the subsequent cɑtastrophic events.

However, while crossing the Assawoman Bay Bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, he was involved in a multi-vehicle ɑccident.
“The first thing I remember is hearing screeching tires,” Bauer said at a news conference.

“Then he [saw] the truck rocking back and forth as if someone was losing control and trying to compensate,” he added.

Jonathan Bauer jumped into the bay in Ocean City, Maryland to sɑve a child who fell from a car.

Jonathan stated that he wanted to publicly thank the emergency personnel who responded to the scene.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan named Bauer, Ava and his wife honorary members of EMS. Bauer also received a plaque for his valiant efforts.

“Jonathan is truly a humble hero and that’s what makes this even more special than it already is,” Meehan told Ocean City Today.

“It’s Thanksgiving. This was a truly trɑgic ɑccident… the bottom line is that everyone is okay and they’re okay because of everyone in this room.”

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