Man Finds Out His Late Wife Had Been Cheating on Him for over 30 Years, So Kids Take DNA Tests

A man opened up on Reddit after discovering that his deceased wife had been cheating on him for more than three decades. He devised a plan to take revenge on his late wife after learning of her betrayal.

The man had to wait for two weeks after his wife’s death as he needed postmortem paperwork to bury her, so he decided to sort out her belongings meanwhile. With his son’s help, he dug through her belongings.

They charged her devices to see if they still worked and then came across a stack of papers. The man took a closer look and realized they were love letters written by an unknown man.The Redditor married his wife in 1986 after dating her for seven years. The woman belonged to a small village, so they decided to move there after getting married. He explained, “

We met at a holiday camp in Scotland in 1979.” He worked night shifts four days a week while his wife stayed home and looked after their children. He believed he lived the perfect life with his wife until he discovered the love letters after her death.

The man also found text messages from the same man on her devices. He was shocked to read the messages and found it hard to believe that his wife had cheated on him.OP (Original Poster) revealed that the man her wife had an affair with died seven years before her demise.

He knew the man very well since he was a family friend who often visited their house in OP’s presence and always left before OP went to work. He asked his children if they had ever seen the man at home in his absence, but they denied it. He explained,

She had been having an affair that started in the first year of the marriage.” Their affair lasted for as long as the man lived, and this infuriated OP. He also discovered that the entire village knew about their affair.

After reading all the text messages and letters, OP found out that the man suspected one of their four children was his. When he told his children about it, they had divided opinions. Two of his children said they wanted to take a DNA test, while the other two told him they were sure he was their father and refused to take the test.

Meanwhile, the revelation of OP’s wife’s betrayal was such a huge blow to the OP that he wanted to take revenge on her. He knew his wife wanted to be buried next to her parents, so he decided not to respect her wishes. Instead, he sent her body 300 miles away from the village and buried her in England. The villagers were furious when they saw him taking the body away.

OP didn’t care about their feelings since they never told him about his wife’s extramarital affair. He told them they couldn’t bury her next to her parents because he owned the land, and he would never allow them to lay her to rest there, even if they took the legal route. The Redditor ended his post by saying that he and his children took DNA tests and were waiting for the results. The DNA Results Although two of the Reddior’s children were certain he was their father,

the DNA results revealed shocking information. It turned out that none of his sons were his, and all four of them had different fathers.Their ancestry results showed that the boys were not only half-siblings but also had other siblings they did not know about. He found out who the fathers of the children were and who their half-siblings were.

So, the Redditor started plotting his revenge.The Revenge The distraught husband attended a church meeting with 250 guests. He gave the pastor an envelope with £200 (about $256) for the cost of a planned memorial service for his wife, which did not happen because he decided to have his wife buried in another town.

However, part of his bigger plan was to expose everyone in the village who had an affair with his wife.He called up the first person who had cheated on his wife while she was pregnant. But the man first impregnated the Redditor’s wife, and a few months later, his wife also conceived.

The Redditor broke the news to the wife and told them he had a link to DNA test results to prove it. The next person the Redditor called up was asked how long they had been married, to which they replied 28 years. The Redditor then asked why he sent his wife a love letter in the ’90s and followed that up by dropping another bombshell.

He also revealed that he and his wife had made a baby and gave them the DNA results to prove it.The last person was the chairperson, who had been perceived as a man with a perfect marriage. His wife did not think her husband would be among the men who cheated. But the Redditor told them that the chairperson, who had been married for 30 years, had a child with his wife.

When the Redditor exposed these men, he told them that the children knew who their biological fathers were and were willing to meet them. Other Redditors found the story interesting and thought the OP executed his revenge well. If you enjoyed reading this story, you might like this one about a woman who kept her dying mother alive against her wishes because she wanted to settle her debt.

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