Malia Obama is starting her career in Hollywood and has decided to separate herself from her family by changing her name… And everyone’s saying the same thing!

Growing up in the public eye is no easy feat, and Malia Obama knows this all too well. As the daughter of former US president, Barack Obama, she has spent her life in the spotlight. Even today, the media is captivated by her every move. Now, at the age of 25, Malia has made her directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival with her film The Heart. In a recent Sundance Institute interview, she revealed that she is now going by the name Malia Ann, embracing her middle name and leaving her last name behind.The choice of her middle name, Ann, holds special significance. It is a tribute to her paternal grandmother, who passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 52 in 1995. By adopting this new moniker, Malia is honoring her family heritage while stepping into her own spotlight.

Exploring the Heart: Malia’s Directorial Debut In her short film The Heart, which she both directed and wrote, Malia explores a poignant story of a man grieving the loss of his mother. She describes the film as “an odd little fable” that delves into themes of loss, forgiveness, and regret. In her own words, Malia believes that the film also uncovers moments of tenderness and closeness in unexpected places.This is not Malia’s first foray into the entertainment industry. Previously, she worked in the writers’ room on Donald’s Amazon Prime show Swarm and co-wrote an episode titled “Girl, Bye.” Her talent and dedication have garnered praise from industry insiders, with co-creator Janine Nabers describing her as “a very professional person” and executive producer Stephen Glover commending her down-to-earth and cool nature.Embracing a New IdentityMalia’s decision to drop her last name is not unprecedented in the world of celebrities. Other notable figures, such as Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, have also chosen to redefine their identities by changing their family names.For her directorial debut at Sundance, Malia opted for a cozy and natural look, sporting minimal makeup and embracing her curly hair with small braids woven throughout. This down-to-earth approach perfectly complements her talent and dedication, which are shining through.Malia Obama is carving her own path in Hollywood, and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the screen next! Her incredible journey is an inspiration for us all.

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