Luke Bryan Helped Beloved Mom When She Was Left — Today He Looks after Her the Way She Did for Him

Luke Bryan’s mother lost her house to a tornado in 2018, and Luke helped her get back on her feet.

He is her only son since the rest of the children passed away a while back. Luke also adopted the children of his late sister. Now he supports his mother.

Luke Bryan is a famous country singer with hits like “Country Girl” and “Country On.” Before signing with Capitol Records Nashville, the star worked with prominent people in music, like Billy Currington. Today, he is one of the biggest names in the game.

Luke has always been family-oriented, but over the years, he started taking care of his family more following a series of tragedies. Most recently, Luke has been spending a lot of time with his mother, LeClaire Bryan. The two have a close relationship, with Luke often featuring her in his social media posts.

It’s no wonder Luke and his mother are so close. He’s the only one of her children who hasn’t passed away, so the two have realized the importance of sticking together. After the deaths of Luke’s brother and sister died, he became responsible for much more than his antic-filled mother.

The musician decided that it was his responsibility to keep the family afloat. Although he already has children, Luke took his sister’s kids in as well after she died, resulting in quite a sizeable family to look after. The singer and his wife are now raising their two sons, their two nieces, and a nephew.

Luke’s older brother, Chris, died in 1996 in a car crash when he was only 26. Luke was about to leave for Tennessee to start his music career at the time. The musician’s sister, Kelly, passed away suddenly in 2007 at 39. Lee, her husband, followed her into the grave almost seven years later.

Luke and his wife reportedly never even thought twice about taking in Kelly and Lee’s children after their father died. But raising five children is no easy feat, and Luke couldn’t have done it without his wife, Caroline Boyer. The singer praised her parenting, saying her effort is terrific.

Hurricane Micheal Comes for Luke’s Mom
Years after Lee passed on and Luke gained three more kids, the worst of the tragedies seemed to have passed. Finally, the family had some time to catch their breath and recover from the shock. The calm wouldn’t last very long, though, as Hurricane Micheal was coming, and LeClaire’s home was directly in its path.

On October 10, 2018, the storm hit Mexico Beach in Florida and caused unbelievable damage to countless homes. Among those whose homes were obliterated was Luke’s mom. At the time, LeClaire was lucky enough to have heeded the warnings, and she went to her son’s to avoid the storm.

Nonetheless, her home and those of her neighbors and friends in the region were utterly destroyed. Many sadly also lost their lives in the disaster. At the time, Luke asked people to pray for his mother and the people of Mexico Beach, Albany, and Leesburg, who were next in the storm’s way.


LeClaire Bryan in front of her ruined house in 2018 | Source:

A little while after the disaster, Luke sent out an update. The Instagram post showed his mother standing between emergency supplies. In the video, she thanked all the people who decided to work together to support the hurricane survivors.

Despite the difficult moments, he still enjoys supporting his mother as she gets older.
She also said the community truly came together. With the help of not only Luke’s fans but the massive amount of people that follow her personally, they managed to rebuild Mexico Beach. They also managed to assist those who couldn’t help themselves.

In his caption to the clip, Luke thanked his fans for the concern they showed for his mother. His mother, it seems, went back to Florida to help the people she knew to rebuild. Thanks to the following that she has amassed on social media, LeClaire could get help from far and wide.

Luke Spoils His Mother in Her Old Age
Four years after Hurricane Micheal made its rounds, LeClaire is still healthy and bringing well-meaning mayhem into Luke’s life. He said that she loves buying “knick-knacks, collectibles, Starbursts, [and] cigarettes” on his credit card.

Luke even has an understanding with his business manager meant to keep him in the dark surrounding the specifics of his finances. According to him, knowing about his finances was tricky since handling his family is already frustrating.

The country superstar tried cutting his mother off from using his card, but that didn’t stop her. “She knows my business manager’s number, my manager’s number, my booking agent, my wife’s assistant. So, yeah, she gets the credit cards no matter what,” he revealed.

Despite the difficult moments, he still enjoys supporting his mother as she gets older. The dutiful son commented that, although she spends a lot, he loves looking after her:

“She spent a lot, but no she has fun and as long as she can be out the yard… Whatever I can do as a son… I’ve been really blessed to be able to look after my mama like she looked after me.”

LeClaire’s antics are also loved by her masses of social media followers, making it unlikely that she’ll stop anytime soon. Whenever she does something, like when she bought a ridiculous amount of flowers on her son’s credit card, she posts it on Instagram, where people can’t get enough of her.

Luke doesn’t mind the money his mother spends that much. After she returned from a trip that was supposed to be to Publix, she had a car full of thousands of dollars worth of flowers. In response to this and her social media escapades, her son said, “Whatever keeps her out there having fun.”

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