‘Love Your Mission’: Jennifer Garner Celebrates 5 Years Of Helping Children Through Her Farm That Cost $700

Jennifer Garner found a way to help children with her 20-acre family farm that cost just $700.

“We want absolutely the best for our kids,” said Garner.
Movie star Jennifer Garner has been assisting kids using her family farm that once cost less than $1000. Garner has been doing the good deed for years now.

Per Parade.com., actress Jennifer Garner posted a clip on Instagram celebrating the fifth anniversary of Once Upon a Farm, her organic snacks company.

Actress Jennifer Garner, Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer, Once Upon a Farm, attends The Fast Company Innovation Festival – Day 3 on September 22, 2022 in New York City ┃Source: Getty Images

The Hollywood starlet is reportedly one of four co-founders of the establishment. She wished the team a happy anniversary in her social media post to commemorate the company’s milestone.


Garner shared videos and images showcasing her hard work at the company for over five years. She reminisced on the team’s first strategy meeting, checking out their products for the first time in Canada, handing out samples at a wholesale store, and multiple photos of herself working on her family farm.

In August 2018, the “Alias” star’s mother, Patricia Ann Garner, revealed to Southern Living how the Oklahoma family farm got acquired by the Garners.

Patricia divulged that following her father’s death in 1962, her mother sold the family farm to her brother James Garner and his wife, Helen. When her parents owned the farm, they had added 35 acres by purchasing adjoining tax-title land.

James also added value to the space by building a barn and fencing the property. After that, he resold the farm in 2008 to Patricia’s other brother, Robert Garner, and his wife, Janet. The couple made their own addition to the farm by building a modern home there.

Jennifer then bought the farm in 2017, and she, Robert, and his spouse agreed that they would continue to reside on the property to look after the land. The award-winning star planned on giving the farm new life and eventually found that it would serve a better purpose.

Jennifer told Forbes about Once Upon a Farm in March 2022, which became the leading company providing fresh baby and kid snacking. The SAG Award winner said the company’s mission is doing the best it can for children:

“We really believe every mom makes an inherent promise the minute she has a new baby to do right by them. We want to make that promise as easy to keep as possible for all moms.”

Jennifer explained to achieve that, the company needs to be transparent, which is what it has “stood for” since it was established: “You’ve got to have full transparency with the company.”

The mother of three continued to explain that to reach the level of certification, the products needed to be sugar-free, with no colorants and no flavors, with the inclusion of vegetables

Jennifer recalled being a working mom while breastfeeding and having to pump milk for her child. She came home one day and attempted to “carry enough food for the next day, and it just didn’t make sense to me.”

Once she discovered that Once a Upon a Farm existed, she became elated because it would solve the issues that she had with feeding her baby. Jennifer explained that finding the opportunity made her realize that other parents would greatly benefit as well:

“I want to help other moms solve this problem.”

To date, the doting mother’s farm is used to help produce food for kids. Jennifer has helped many other people.

Jennifer’s Family Farm Cost $700
Per Hello Magazine, Jennifer’s grandparents bought the 20-acre plot in 1937 for a mere $700. Her mother, Patricia, revealed that her parents did not own a vehicle and asked someone else to transport them to view the property once they heard it was up for sale.

The piece of land had nothing else except for a two-bedroom farmhouse when the Garners spent an entire day negotiating over for $20. In those days, the farm had no running water or indoor plumbing.

Patricia, who grew up on the farm, explained the land had since had numerous owners “and was left untended and uncared for over 40 years.” Jennifer’s uncle and aunt now grow organic produce for her children’s food range, Once a Upon a Time.

Per the Daily Mail, the Golden Globe Award winner spoke about her nature-based company at Fast Company’s 8th annual Innovation Festival in New York City in September 2022 and revealed what inspired her to join the company.

She also disclosed that the establishment had made significant growth financially from less than a million to hundreds of millions per year:

“The business has grown a lot. When we were here last time, we were less than $1 million a year, and now by the end of this year, we’re in the $100 million.”

When asked why she believed Once a Upon a Farm should be on the same par with the European market, Jennifer said children should be exposed to vegetables instead of food with sugary. “They deserve to have food that isn’t contaminated with plastics and heavy metals.”

Jennifer Shares Her Three Kids with Her Ex-husband – Ben Affleck
In March 2021, Jennifer opened up about her motherhood journey in an interview with People. The “Yes Day” star reflected on her annual tradition of allowing her kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Sam, to do whatever they want once a year within reason.

The Texas native admitted she would not mind her brood having “ice cream for breakfast” and going on an “adventure” with them.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer divulged that she “had temper tantrums” during lockdown at her Los Angeles home but added she had a lot to be “grateful for,” regardless.

In September 2019, Jennifer revealed that she had taken a step back when parenting her brood while sharing that they “humor her, “I can’t complain about my kids. They’re pretty awesome. They humor me. But I have chilled out and stopped trying to be my mom.”

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