Keanu Reeves Does Not Wear Branded Clothes Or Live In A Mansion, But He Donates His Money To The Needy

Keanu also bought each of the expensive Harley motorcycles for the 12 stuntmen or his stunt double in The Matrix film. Not only that, but he also gives full support to actors he considers to have great potential, and is willing to give them a chance, and lowers his pay.

No bodyguards, no buying luxury houses, living in ordinary apartments and likes wandering around town.He does not buy a luxury car, just riding his favorite motorbike.He does not wear expensive clothes, just wearing a pair of old shoes;With his fame, he must have received many product advertisement offers, but he only accepted his favorite brands.

He donated 70% of his earnings from “The Matrix” to hospitals and bought motorbikes for 12 stuntmen.He is a very handsome Hollywood actor, but enjoys simple casual clothing!Keanu Reeves is now 57 years old, this actor has oriental features on his handsome face.

With his handsome features, aging is not so obvious. Even humorous netizens describe him as a figure of a vampire from the legends who have similar features.Having strong genes, coupled with the good looks of a Virgo man, Keanu’s style is like this.However, his lifestyle is the opposite: In his life, he doesn’t radiate the characteristics of a Virgo in the slightest.

Simple in appearance, and bearded.The messy hairstyle, the modest clothes, even the worn-out shoes, but he didn’t care.

Even his double chin adorns his charismatic handsome face, as well as his ordinary-formed body shape. In the eyes of ordinary people, Keanu is a big Hollywood actor living a humbled life.

When you see him on the street, he’s probably sitting on a bench eating a sandwich or cake, and his expression is indifferent. Keanu also always gives money to homeless people on the street.

He often chats with the homeless on the street and gives food.On Keanu’s 46th birthday, he bought himself a small cake (tart), put candles on the tart, and sat on the street celebrating his birthday with a homeless man.

Keanu also shared his birthday cake when the homeless man chatted with him.He always lived in simplicity and traveled by bus or train.

Politely, Keanu offers his seat to women. Recently, a heart-warming sight of Keanu offering his seat to a woman who just entered the train was caught on paparazzi cameras.The humble Hollywood star also gives money to those who need it more

Random netizens were asked about their thoughts on this Hollywood actor’s kind gestures, they responded, “Keanu is not a poor person, he does spend his money that way…”-Keanu Reeves makes at least millions of dollars per movie.

“Money is not what I care about, my wealth is now enough for me to live for several centuries, I better share the money with people who need it more,” said Keanu.

Centuries, he said?

After the sequel to The Matrix Reloaded hit the box office, Keanu got a bonus of 100 million US dollars (about 1.37 trillion rupiahs). However, he distributed 75 million US dollars equal to the crew and costume designers who worked behind the scenes of the movie.

And he said: “They are great people who work hard behind the scenes!”-When he made the film “The Replacements,” he was willing to lower his fees in favor of Gene Hackman.

While in the film “The Devil’s Advocate”, Keanu cut himself 1.8 million US dollars in fees, so producers could invite Al Pacino.When he was filming the movie “The Matrix”, Keanu and Hu Chen had thought about making a movie.Years later, Keanu made the film “Man of Tai Chi.” He canceled two major films and changed scripts and became a film director.

“Man of Tai Chi was made for Tiger Hu Chen,” said Keanu.

In Fan Zhu’s opinion, Keanu was a person who understood his life. Can put aside his wealth, and self-esteem (payment for the film he starred in) and so on. There is a lot of enlightenment and wisdom in his life.

“I look unique and different because I understand the life I live,” he said.

Keanu was born in Beirut, Lebanon, his father is of Chinese descent from Hawaii, USA and his mother is from England. His parents divorced when Keanu was only 3-years-old. Because of this, Keanu has lived in Lebanon, Hawaii, Macau, and most recently, in Canada.Keanu was born into a broken family. His mother was a striptease dancer, while his father was imprisoned for drug trafficking. Since then, his father never saw Keanu again.

In 1999, Jennifer Syme, his girlfriend, became pregnant. However, possibly due to drug use, their child died in the womb when Jennifer was 8 months pregnant.

And more tragically, shortly after her son died, Jennifer died in a traffic accident. At that time, Keanu who was filming “The Matrix Reloaded” immediately asked the producer for permission to tend to her funeral after getting the bad news.

At the funeral, Keanu and his family and friends lifted Jennifer’s coffin to the grave with the words “The Love of My Life”.

Simultaneously, his younger sister was diagnosed with leukemia. For the sake of his sister, Keanu provided the best treatment for her, he donated most of the money from his films to the hospital where his sister was confined, and he spent a lot of time accompanying her.Everything that Keanu experienced has given him a different lesson about life: He doesn’t need to wear branded items of clothing, he doesn’t need to live a luxurious life. Money, material, and all other things are not important to him.

He does what he likes freely without any burdens.Now, Keanu Reeves is 51 years old, living his days freely as he pleases while riding his favorite Harley.With his cool looks, and his motivating words and actions, Keanu Reeves has long been inspiring the world.From the bottom of his fans’ hearts, we hope someone can warm your heart in the future.

That’s a bit of Keanu Reeves’ life journey. Even though he has become a famous star in Hollywood, his personal life is really very amazing, simple and candid!

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