Judge Pirro Destroys Joy Reid Live: “Have You Ever Told The Truth?”

It was a perfectly normal episode of “The Five” when a producer let Judge Jeanine Pirro know that Joy Reid, the infamous propagandist from MSNBC, was on the phone looking to “debate.”

“I was beside myself,” said Pirro after the day’s events, “I couldn’t believe she’d just call in like that with no backup just to argue on enemy turf.”

Indeed, Reid did call in and demand to be heard live. Fox executives left the decision up to the cast of the show. “They’re the ones writing the scripts,” said Programming Director Joe Barron, “we tell them the direction and let them work out the words.”

Reid wanted to debate a recent bill in Florida that would eliminate the Democrats as the party of slavery. “Sweetheart,” Pirro said, “You’re not a slave and neither was anyone you remember.”

Boom Whammy. Reid went on some logic shtick asserting things about the burning of black wealth and the socioeconomic isolation of the black community since abolition. Nobody wanted to hear it, however, after Pirro’s stinger that Reid was obviously unprepared for.

“She must be woke,” Pirro said as she hung up on her mid-sentence. “And there you have it, folks, once again the pigeon knocked the pieces off the board.”

With that Pirro completed the coveted “Trifecta de Potat’ le’iDjt,” which loosely translates to “I’m a walking, talking bumper sticker.” She really socked it to that libtard.

God Bless You, Judge, Pirro, and God Bless America.

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