It’s Been Called “The Scariest Bridge In The World” And The Photos Are Absolutely Terrifying



While locals call it the Ruyi Bridge, most know it as the world’s scariest. Most pedestrians are frightened by this glass double-decker bridge in China. Videos and photos of the bridge, which is 460 feet over a ravine, have gone viral as individuals describe how they felt trying to cross it. Following drone footage of the bridge, a Twitter user said, “If this is real, there would be a location (long/lat), so I call it fake.”


Oriental Image’s YouTube channel states, “The ‘Ruyi Bridge’ in the Shenxianju Scenic Area in Xianju county is shaped like a jade Ruyi in the sky, attracting many tourists to take pictures, Taizhou City, East China’s Zhejiang Province, 17 October 2020.” Early November 2020 saw the bridge aerial footage released on YouTube.


Only 100 meters (328 feet) length, the bridge. It was supposed to frighten anybody bold enough to cross it. Since the bridge is transparent glass, individuals may safely glance down into the valley. He Yunchang designed the bridge, according to Arquitectura Viva. He designed Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium for the 2008 Olympics as a steel specialist.

Windy and one of the world’s tallest bridges, the Ruyi Bridge. Since opening in September 2020, the bridge has welcomed over 200,000 people. A Daily Mail piece on the Ruyi bridge garnered hundreds of global responses. Solid no.” “Just looking at the photos would give me nightmares.”


No way would I cross it. It’s my worst nightmare. China developing wonderful products, we canceling everything.” I might try virtual reality, but probably not.” “Walk on Rainbow Bridge, built into the Grand Canyon rock with a hundreds-foot drop. Another trust leap.”

It’s clever, but why spoil a wonderful place with something so intrusive? The bridge’s Chinese origin worried some readers. “I don’t trust Chinese products.” “Based on my experience with China cheapies, the bridge may have been straight when made but warped within a week or two…” I would avoid this bridge after seeing on LiveLeak several images of people getting devoured by collapsing Chinese escalators and other signs of Chinese architectural failure.” China is creating and innovating, but Britain is tearing down the Statue. This glass-bottom Ruyi bridge in China—what do you think? Should you cross?

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