I was travelling around the orient and found this old oil lamp

This guy pulled up to the bar in a brand new Cadillac.
He gets out, walks inside, pulls out a rolls of twenties and starts buying everybody drinks.The weird part was is he had a head the size of a grapefruit.
The bartender stirs up a conversation and says, “Hey man, not to be rude but I have to ask… what’s with your tiny head?”

The man shrugs and says, “Well its a funny story. You have probably heard the stories. I was travelling around the orient and found this old oil lamp. I figured I might as give it a shot and so I rubbed it. All of the sudden this gorgeous genie comes out of the lamp and gives her whole spiel about 3 wishes.”

“First thing I wished for was this roll of $20’s that never ends. I’m still spending the thing. Works great.”

“So for my second wish, I asked for a brand new Cadillac that becomes new again every year. Pretty great to always have a brand new car.”
“The problem was I sort of hit a brick wall and didn’t know what else to wish for. I thought for a bit and told the genie. “Well, I’m not sure what else to wish for, but you are pretty hot. Want to fool around?”

The genie responded, “Hey it’s your wish. But I’m just smoke from the waste down. Not a whole lot of fun there”
So I asked, “How about a little head?”

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