He became a celebrity in his hometown because he raised 6 children alone

Andrei Kudreavtzev: The Russian Single Dad Who Built a Large Loving Family

The Tragic Backstory

Andrei Kudreavtzev, a 31-year-old man from Omsk, Russia, rose to local fame in a rather somber way. After the tragic loss of his wife, he found himself solely responsible for raising their six children. Local media covered his story, which garnered him a lot of attention, especially from women who offered to help him raise his family. Yet, many of these women weren’t prepared for the complexity of Andrei’s family dynamics.

“Local celebrity status comes with attention, but Andrei discovered not everyone was fit for his unique family situation.”

A Letter That Changed Everything

Things took a turn when Andrei received a heartfelt letter from a woman named Liuda. Intrigued and touched by her words, Andrei decided to meet her, bringing all six of his children along to the date. From the first meeting, it was evident that Liuda had a special connection not just with Andrei, but also with his kids. His children immediately took to her, illustrating their approval by vying for her attention and affection.

Love, Trust, and a Dream

Liuda, who herself had a child from a previous relationship, revealed that she had always dreamt of being a mother to seven children. The day after she had this dream, she came across Andrei’s story.

“It’s not just about meeting a man; it’s about meeting a man you can completely trust. Andrei was that man,” Liuda admitted.

Expanding the Family Even Further


Their story didn’t stop at marriage. Both Andrei and Liuda worked at a rehabilitation center for former drug addicts. When one of their patients tragically passed away, leaving behind two children, the couple didn’t hesitate to welcome them into their already sizable family.

“Whether it’s seven or nine children, what’s the difference? It’s often said that raising one child is more challenging than raising several. That’s how we see it,” Liuda explained.

Financial Strains and Emotional Gains

Running a small business and taking care of a large family is no small feat. Especially during the new school year, the financial crunch becomes evident. “The children we adopted had no inheritance, not even clothes. They’ve never seen anything beautiful in their lives and cherish every small pleasure, even a piece of candy,” Andrei shared.

However, it seems that despite the financial constraints, the family is rich in love and unity, proving that family is not always defined by blood, but rather by love, trust, and the willingness to face life’s challenges together.

“In a house filled with love, even the smallest things become treasures.”

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