Goodbye to funeral with a coffin. In the future, this organic bag will turn a person into a tree when they leave this world.

Funeral traditions can be elaborate and costly, prompting two forward-thinking Italian designers, Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, to introduce a groundbreaking concept called the Capsula Mundi project. Their innovation involves encasing the deceased in a biodegradable capsule positioned in a fetal position, which then becomes a nurturing environment for a tree to grow.

Rather than conventional gravestones, a seed or young tree is planted above the capsule. Individuals can select the tree species they wish to become before they pass, similar to choosing a coffin model in traditional funerals. Over time, as the body decomposes, it provides vital nutrients to the tree, facilitating its growth.

The vision behind Capsula Mundi extends beyond eco-friendly burials; it aims to establish green cemeteries, transforming burial grounds into serene forests. This approach not only promotes sustainability but also offers families a tranquil space to honor and remember their loved ones amidst nature.

Although Capsula Mundi originated in Italy, it has encountered regulatory hurdles, particularly with the Vatican. However, the concept has gained traction in countries like the United States and England, where it is legally permissible and gaining popularity.

Ultimately, Capsula Mundi embodies a profound shift in the way we perceive death and burial practices, offering a harmonious integration of life and nature beyond the confines of traditional cemeteries. Through this innovative project, Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel envision a future where burial sites are transformed into vibrant forests, fostering a deeper connection between the departed and the environment.

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