Gerard Butler: “I have slept with men, but I am not gay”

Gerard Butler, Hollywood’s most famous Spartan thanks to his role in ‘300’, has confessed that he has slept with men. “But I’m not gay…; I don’t really know what I am,” he confesses.

“I talk about my sexuality without shame, I have no problem, but there are always those who distort everything. People seem intimidated by this issue and I don’t understand it.

Every time I talk about it, it is misinterpreted and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay “I have been with women and also with men, but I am not homosexual. I don’t even know what I am…”.

This surprising statement by the actor has shaken social networks in recent days, especially among some fans of the movie 300, who considered Butler to be a muscular and heterosexual icon thanks to the movie.

But… is there anything gayer than a Spartan? And the Spartan warriors had sex with each other, and it was not a taboo subject in Classical Greece, as it still unfortunately seems to be today… And the ‘Spartan’ Butler has no problem confessing it either: he has slept with men and he is delighted with life.

This was said in a recent interview in Movieline, in which he reflected on sexuality and his tastes in bed.

The gay sequel to ‘300’

And be careful because it seems that Zack Snyder is preparing a gay sequel to the movie 300. “During the pandemic I have been working, with prior agreement with Warner Bros, on what was going to be the third and final installment of the 300 saga.

My script was going to be about the love story between Hephaestion and Alexander the Great, and it was going to be titled Blood and Ashes, love, blood and war, it sounded great! I would love to be able to film it, but Warner really liked it and that’s where the project stayed. …”, says the director.

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