Father praised for choosing to carry his large dog instead of his young son

TikTok video shared by user Luz Elena gathered thousands of views and as many comments for the sweetest reason ever.

Namely, she caught a glimpse of a father walking down the street holding his young son’s arm and carrying a gray Pit Bull in his arms. She captured the video “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” initiating a discussion of whether he was right or wrong for carrying the dog instead of the child.

The boy’s mom could be seen walking behind them and pulling a child’s three-wheeled stroller or bike that was carrying a large boxed item. Some of the users joked that the boy was ‘forced’ to walk because his mom ‘has stolen’ his bike.

“No one noted the mother pushing the tricycle in the rear. Mom put something in the trike, so the child is now walking. Perhaps the dog is ill?” one person wrote. Others gave other possible explanations of why the man was carrying his large dog in his arms. “This is actually super sweet. The pavement is probably way too hot for the dogs paws so he is carrying him.”

However, most, if not all, of the comments praised the father. Many wrote that he was very devoted, responsible, and caring.

“He is (showing) a lot of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his son because he takes him by the hand. a thousand blessings,” someone wrote while another person added: “Super dad. I would have done the same. Kid has shoes on and the doggy doesn’t. It looks hot too. Plus his mom was there maybe he wanted to walk.”

So far, the cute video has been seen nearly 5 million times.

It is refreshing to see how compassionate some people are when it comes to animals and their well-being.

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