Danica McKellar Is ‘Experiencing Jesus’ After Candace Cameron Bure Invited Her To Church

A Candace Cameron Bure church invitation led Hallmark star and GAC Family actress Danica McKellar to experience something miraculous. And now, she’s speaking out about finding Jesus!

Danica McKellar has been friends with outspoken Christian celebrity Candace Cameron Bure for years. The two have worked together at the Hallmark Channel and also moved together to its competitor, GAC Media.

But God used this special friendship for something much bigger — bringing Danica back to church!

As a child, Danica McKellar would attend church on Easter with her father but that was about it. And even after her dad gave his life to the Lord, Danica just wasn’t open to doing so herself. Her impression of Christianity “was mostly, unfortunately, the way that it’s been misused in the world.”

But then, one night, she came across a post by friend and Christian celebrity, Candace Cameron Bure.

Danica was struggling with the idea of forgiveness and a Bible verse Candace shared stirred up some questions for her. So, she reached out to Candace to try and get clarity. Candace Cameron Bure responded by inviting her to church as well as sending her a copy of the Bible. And that response proved invaluable for Danica McKellar!

Candace Cameron Bure Church Invite Changes Everything
After attending church with Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar realized she’d had the wrong impression of Christianity all along.

“I’ve been discovering the pure part of it,” she said.

And as she continued to attend, she experienced the Holy Spiring “filling my heart with so much love.”

“I’m experiencing a relationship with God and Jesus that I’ve never had before, and it feels miraculous,” she explained.

Danica realized what she experienced with Candace Cameron Bure at church was the real deal. She felt on fire for the Lord and wanted to share that feeling with the world. So, Danica McKellar took to social media to encourage others to seek the “absolute joy and freedom” found in Jesus Christ.

“What’s so amazing about it is that it’s actually available to everyone – it’s available to everyone. And the price of admission, it’s just a decision,” she said in a video shared on her Instagram account. “It’s not even living your life perfectly, because none of us are going to do that. … I’m just sharing my journey that I’ve been on literally only for like the last two weeks, that I have been going to church and been finding a lot of amazing love and peace and purpose. And it’s blowing my mind.”

WATCH: Christian Celebrity Danica McKellar Shares Her Testimony


How awesome to see someone so on fire for the Lord! The joy and passion Danica McKellar is after getting back into church with Candace Cameron Bure is truly a gift from God.

It’s so amazing to see how He works. The Lord used Candace’s invitation to bring Danica to Him and now, in turn, Danica is using her platform to extend the invitation of Christ to all her followers.

So, who can you invite to church this week?

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