Dakota Fanning revealed how generous Tom Cruise is – he remembers her birthday every year

Dakota Fanning has more or less grown up in Hollywood. She has been acting since she was five years old. She began her career with commercials and later moved on to movies.

She has had a stellar career with big projects at a very tender age. Having acted with some of Hollywood’s biggest names before she even turned 13, the actress has quite a few interesting stories. Keep reading to know more.“

Tom sends me a birthday gift every year and has since that birthday,” Fanning said in a recent interview, recalling how Cruise started the tradition with a very special gift when they were filming ‘War of the Worlds’ together.

Dakota Fanning has been doing some press lately to promote her Netflix series Ripley, in which she stars alongside Andrew Scott. During the interview, she revealed the story of how she got her very first cellphone.

Scott and Fanning played a game together where Scott was asked, “Who gave Dakota her first cell phone?” and he replied, “Okay, well it’s going to be some Hollywood icon… Tom Cruise?” His answer was correct as Fanning confirmed that it was indeed Cruise who had bequeathed her with her her first cellphone; a Motorola Razr.

“Oh, my God, I was so excited,” she recalled what it felt like to get such an amazing birthday present from the movie star.

Even though she “didn’t have anybody to call or text at that time,” it still felt cool for her to walk around with her very own flip phone.

“You know, I was 11,” she justified. “But I loved having it. I loved it. I felt so cool.”

She revealed that ever since her movie with him in 2005, she has seen how thoughtful Cruise is. She said the actor has remembered her birthday every year since they did War of the Worlds together. And not only did he remember, but he made sure to send her a present.

“Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday,” she shared, which included her 30th birthday which just passed recently. “Yeah, so thoughtful, really really nice,” she praised Cruise.

“That’s lovely, he’s never given me anything,” Scott joked before he looked straight at the camera.

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