Dad whose body is completely covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for the sake of his young daughter

Ethan’s body art has drawn considerable attention, understandable given his head-to-toe coverage. Astonishingly, he’s invested approximately $60,000 AUD (roughly $39,000 USD) to achieve his distinctive appearance.

Yet, despite his bold choices, Ethan now confronts a sense of remorse.

“I guess you could say I regret some tattoos,” he admitted in an interview with LadBibleTV’s No Filter series. “Not just regret, I think there’s a difference between regret and wanting to be perceived differently.”

Ethan has embarked on a journey of tattoo removal, a process he’s undergone diligently for the past year.

“I’ve been getting laser [surgery], or have been, for pretty much 12 months… We do it in sections, but I’ve probably gone over the full thing six or seven times,” he shared.

His motivation stems from grappling with anxiety, a mental burden exacerbated by his heavily inked visage.

“Mental stuff is a funny thing to pin down, but I want to think that a lot of the anxiety was from just having a face full of tattoos,” Ethan explained.

While he remains content with his appearance, Ethan eagerly anticipates the gradual fading of his facial tattoos over the next two years, viewing it as a symbolic “clearing of the canvas.”

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