Dad T ears Up When Soldier Son Sends Birthday Message. Then His Real Gift Walks Through The Door.

When someone has a birthday, it’s most certainly a cause for celebration. Especially if it’s a big milestone such as a first birthday, a 21st or a 50th. On the special day, family and friends usually go out of their way to spoil the birthday boy or girl. It could be a party, a small gathering, neat gifts or even a lovely card or phone call.

So when this man turned 50, he decided to celebrate it with a room full of loved ones. And even though the atmosphere was warm, inviting and fun—there was still someone mis sing. You see, the birthday boy’s son was not able to attend the party because he was a deployed soldier. For that reason, his son created a very special video message for his father. So, the guests gathered round to watch the chilling footage.

As his son appeared on the TV screen, the man began to cry. His heart was sad because, despite the pride he felt for his son honoring his country, he couldn’t spend his birthday with him. When all of a sudden, his son walks in the door.

Needless to say, the father’s tears began streaming even more down his face while he expressed his sheer happiness. He was able to give his beloved son a big hug and spend the rest of the evening with someone that he truly miss ed. The event caused all of the guests to feel elated and they continued to celebrate the big day, with everyone who truly mattered.

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