Coronation Street star reveals boob job as she shares snap from hospital bed

Former Coronation Street star Arianna Ajtar, who played Olivia Radfield in the ITV soap, posted a glam snap of herself in her hospital bed after her breast surgery

Former Coronation Street star Arianna Ajtar has confirmed she’s had a boob job.

The 28 year old actress, who played Olivia Radfield in the ITV soap from 2018 to 2019, took to social media to tell her fans about her recent breast op.

She shared a stunning selfie which showed her pouting in her hospital bed. In her caption she wrote: “Thank you so much for your messages, yesterday went really well.

“I haven’t looked at them or seen them yet but I am really excited! !”. She added: “This pic was when I first woke up – a little peace and pout selfie to confirm I’m alive and kicking to the group chat [laughing face emoji].”

Sharing how her best friend has moved in with her for a week to help out because of her surgery, she noted: “Is it just me or do you feel like you need girl time when you’re under the weather? ? ? “.

Arianna later offered fans some advice, writing: “I bought this metre-long straw for post-op and everybody laughed at me and said that I’m up the wall but it has genuinely been my best purchase because I’m trying to drink at least three litres a water a day still.”

“I obviously can’t hold a bottle that big so I’ve got my long straw and it’s perfect. I highly recommend anyone getting a boob job to get an extra long straw, one of these sporty ones as well that closes at the top.”, reports the Mirror.

Arianna started her own business while she was on Coronation Street. She set up her fashion brand Mars the Label in 2015 with just £3,000 she saved up and began from her dad’s living room. Now, she’s turned it into a business worth millions.

She said: “I can’t even believe it myself to be honest. Sometimes I sit there and look at the sales on the website and can’t believe that genuinely it’s mine.”

She told MEN: “I was 19 when I first founded Mars, I just thought I’m going to design some pieces on a kids doodle app, which I still use. I’m not a trained designer, with no background in business. I didn’t realise at the time, but I filled a massive gap in the market.”

The star used money from her student loan and some cash left by her mum, who passed away when Arianna was just seven, to start her company. Now she’s the boss of a team of 25 and has her very own office in Bolton.

Even with her business growing, Arianna kept acting, something she’s been doing since she was three. She shared that she still chats with the Corrie crew, who tease her for still being known as a Coronation Street star.

Arianna confessed that while she had a “small role” on the show it was “one of the highlights of my career”. The soap was her mum’s favourite.

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