Boy’s Fingers Blur Playing ‘Dueling Banjos’ Then Big Brother Kicks It Up A Notch

It is always amazing to see somebody who has a lot of musical talent. It doesn’t matter if they are singing or playing a musical instrument, when they do it with style, it can really hold our interest and may even inspire us to try to do it ourselves.

It is especially true when children are involved and if you have not seen the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, you really owe it to yourself to watch them play.

The trio of brothers that have this musical gift are from Lebanon Township, New Jersey. In 2011, they appeared on David Letterman and people from across the nation came to know who they were and the level of talent that they had to offer. When they were on Letterman, they played a song by Earl Scruggs, ‘Flint Hill Special’.

Jonny Mizzone is the nine-year-old playing the banjo with his 12-year-old brother, Robbie plays the fiddle. 13-year-old Tommy is playing the guitar and they played together so well that it is obvious years of practice that went into what they are able to do. As you listen to them playing in the video below, you realize they are just as good hanging out in the bedroom as they are playing on television.

They start slowly with ‘Dueling Banjos’ with Tommy and Jonny going back and forth between the guitar and the banjo. They continue to pick up speed until you can barely see their fingers as they move across the strings. It isn’t long before Robbie jumps in with the fiddle and puts a nice spin on the song.

After Letterman and this video, which was uploaded in the same year, the boys continued to gain fame. The video has gone on to have more than 7 million views and they continue to expand the abilities with pop, bluegrass, and Americana. They still tour and audiences love them.

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