Bob Barker’s Longtime Girlfriend Offers Update On The Iconic Gameshow Host

Iconic Game Show Host Bob Barker Turns 99: Health Update & Celebrations

Bob Barker, the esteemed game show host famous for his work on “The Price Is Right,” celebrated his 99th birthday on December 12. Over the last four decades, Barker’s life has been shared intimately with his longtime girlfriend, Nancy Burnet. In a recent conversation with Fox News Digital, Burnet shed light on Barker’s current health and lifestyle, much to the delight of his fans.

Nancy Burnet on Bob Barker’s Current Health Status

Speaking about Barker’s health, Burnet stated, “he’s going to be 99, and he takes one prescription medication, and that’s for his thyroid.” She continued to paint a picture of Barker’s excellent health by noting the surprise of his healthcare providers when they request a list of his medications.

According to Burnet, Barker, despite his advanced age, is in remarkable health, attributing it to his active lifestyle and jovial spirit. “He’s had a very charmed life,” she noted, emphasizing Barker’s impressive health for his age and his sharp sense of humor.

Celebrating Another Trip around the Sun

When discussing how the celebrated host would ring in another year, Burnet revealed that she and Barker would opt for a “very simple and quiet” celebration at their home, complete with a birthday cake.

Barker’s excellent health is largely credited to his decision to adopt a vegan diet nearly two decades ago, as per Burnet’s suggestion. She clarified that the dietary change was implemented not to replace meals but to enhance his overall nutrition, especially during a period when his health was on the decline.

A Storied Career in Hosting

After an illustrious 50-year career in hosting, Barker stepped away from the limelight in 2007. Thirty-five of those years were dedicated to “The Price Is Right,” during which he amassed 14 Daytime Emmy Awards and four Emmy awards in an executive producer capacity.

Reflecting on Barker’s hosting career, Burnet shared that he maintains a deep affection for his years on the show. His passion for the role was a significant factor in its success, according to Burnet. “He never grew bored with it. So maybe that’s why it was so successful because he was always ready to do it and happy to do it.”

As Bob Barker marks another milestone, fans worldwide join Burnet in wishing him a happy birthday and many more to come. His remarkable career and enduring vitality serve as an inspiration for many, proving that age truly is just a number.

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