Baseball Player Hits Little Girl With 105 MPH Foul Ball, Game Comes To A Temporary Halt

Traumatic Incident at a Yankees Game Leaves Young Girl Traumatized
Attending a baseball game can be a memorable experience for a young child, filled with excitement and joy. Unfortunately, for one two-year-old girl, her visit to a Yankees game turned into a traumatic event she may never forget. Struck by a 105-mph line drive foul ball, the incident left her with lasting emotional effects.

A Passionate Baseball Fan’s Dream

Geoffrey Jacobson, the girl’s father, had a deep love for baseball and wanted to share his passion with his little girl. Eager to create a special memory, he took her to the game, but little did he know it would turn into a life-altering event.The Traumatic Incident
During the game, tragedy struck as a line-drive foul ball hit the girl in the face. The impact left her traumatized, and even now, she vividly recalls the incident, causing distressing memories.

A Painful Reminder
Geoffrey shared how his daughter’s trauma lingers, even affecting her playtime. She reenacts the incident, placing an ice pack on her doll’s head, as if the doll had been struck by a baseball. Such behavior reveals the emotional toll the incident has taken on her young mind.

Sibling’s Playful Taunts




Adding to the emotional burden, Geoffrey’s 4-year-old son playfully teases his little sister about the incident, constantly reminiscing about when she was hit by the baseball. While the family sometimes finds humor in these interactions, they recognize the severity of the situation.Dealing with the Aftermath
Geoffrey hopes that, with time, his daughter will recover and create a positive association with baseball. He dreams of taking his children to games in the future, but only when his daughter has healed from the trauma.

A Lifelong Impact
The experience has profoundly affected Geoffrey and his wife, who acknowledge that they will carry the memory of this incident for the rest of their lives. They remain grateful that their daughter’s injuries were not more severe and hope for her complete recovery.

A Message of Awareness



Through sharing his daughter’s story, Geoffrey aims to raise awareness of the emotional impact such incidents can have on young children. He hopes that parents and sports venues will prioritize safety and take necessary precautions to protect young fans from potential hazards.



The traumatic incident at the Yankees game left a two-year-old girl deeply affected, impacting her emotional well-being and playtime activities. Geoffrey Jacobson, a loving father and baseball enthusiast, hopes for his daughter’s full recovery and encourages parents and sports venues to prioritize the safety and well-being of young fans.

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