Armed Carjacker Dies While Fleeing Police, Mom Demands Answers: ‘He Was Not A Criminal’



Tragic Carjacking Incident Claims Life in Baltimore

The Incident Unfolds

In a shocking turn of events, a Baltimore County police car fatally struck Dion Lamar Taylor, a 20-year-old carjacking suspect, as he was attempting to escape the scene with two other accomplices. The site of the unfortunate incident was eerily close to Taylor’s residence, being merely a block away.


A Mother’s Agony

Teisha Cook, Taylor’s distraught mother, recounted her heart-wrenching experience to 11 News. She shared her overwhelming panic and anxiety as she realized her son might be involved. “I was frantically searching for my son, not realizing he was beneath the car. I tried reaching out to him, calling, texting, but there was only silence in return,” she said. Cook’s description painted a vivid picture: “My son darted across the street; police vehicles approached from opposite directions, one eventually crashing into him.”

The Lead-Up to the Tragedy

The police reported that the chain of events started when Taylor and two others carjacked a pizza delivery individual around 4 p.m. on Merle Drive in Woodlawn. Shortly after, officers spotted the vehicle, leading to a pursuit that culminated at Northern Parkway and Highgate Drive.


A telling evidence of the crime was the discovery of a discarded handgun, which the suspects reportedly threw out during the chase. The climax of the chase saw the suspects abandoning their moving vehicle at the junction of Northern Parkway and Liberty Road. While one police cruiser collided with the suspects’ car, another pursued the suspects on foot, tragically ending in Taylor being run down on Highgate Drive.

Cpl. Shawn Vinson of Baltimore County police clarified, “Initial investigations indicate that the officer did not intentionally strike the suspect.” He also mentioned that the officers adhered to standard procedure, but due to the ongoing investigation, detailed insights could not be shared.


Seeking Justice

However, Teisha Cook, still grappling with her loss, is adamant about finding answers. She passionately defended her son’s character, stating, “He wasn’t a criminal. He mostly stayed at home.”

In relation to the incident, 16-year-old Taron Kelly has been apprehended and faces multiple charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, vehicle theft, and possession of a firearm. Notably, he is being charged as an adult and is currently in custody without the possibility of bail. The search for the third accomplice continues.

The Baltimore City police have taken up the task of investigating the crash, and the involved officer has been temporarily relieved from duty pending inquiry.

“When the line between duty and tragedy blurs, seeking truth and justice becomes paramount.”

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