Are You Serious!?”: Mom TeIIs Teacher To Step Outside After Hearing Rumors

A concerned mother had heard rumors about her daughter’s teacher. Once they were confirmed, she knew she had to do something. She asked the teacher to step outside, and soon, the tears were flowing.


Courtney Adeleye is the successful CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair care products, a hair care line for African American women, according to Daily Mail. However, more than all her business success, she’s becoming more widely known for what she did in a now-viral video. When Adeleye, who also happens to be a caring and concerned mother, caught wind of what was going on with a teacher at her daughter’s school, she immediately took action.

After gathering what she needed to set things straight, Adeleye headed to the school, where she confronted the teacher in the hallway. There, she asked her to step outside after letting her know that she had heard what the teacher had been doing daily. What followed has spread across the internet like wildfire after the wealthy mom left the teacher in tears.




It was Adeleye’s husband who first told her that a teacher at their children’s school didn’t have reliable transportation. After learning that her daughter’s teacher was struggling financially and that the woman was forced to take multiple buses to get to and from work every day because she couldn’t afford a car, Adeleye decided she wanted to do something.

After speaking with her husband, a medical doctor, about the issue, the pair came to a heartwarming conclusion. They would buy their daughter’s teacher a brand new car. So, they went to the car lot, chose a shiny, white new car, and wrapped it in a bright blue ribbon. Then, they headed to the school to deliver the gift.


Obviously, this was a big purchase, and they knew it would change the teacher’s life forever. Still, there was a chance the teacher could have been offended by the gesture. But, that simply wasn’t the case. Instead, the woman’s emotional gratitude was palpable.

Luckily for us, Adeleye’s 11-year-old daughter filmed the touching moment. After the heartwarming gesture was captured on video, it was shared to Instagram for the rest of us to enjoy. From there, it made it’s way to Facebook and YouTube as people everywhere applauded Adeleye’s actions.


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