Am I wrong for bannîng my mom..

Family ties are most times stronger than steal, but at the same time, they can be easily broken if there is a lack of respect and mutual understanding.

One 25-year-old American man took to Reddit to share his story regarding the family feud that unfolded after he announced he would be getting married to a woman he considers his soulmate.

When he was 19, this man went to Norway to study and that’s where he met Maya, the woman of his dreams. Their relationship blossomed and he popped the question. There was no doubt that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

The two agreed to share the news of their engagement and the wedding that was on the horizon with his part of the family in person so they traveled to the States.

Upon arrival, one of OP’s aunts hosted a family dinner and everyone, including his parents, were there.

However, the moment OP and Maya entered the place, they were welcomed by angry stares by OP’s mom and his two aunts.

Although they have never met Maya before, they decided she wasn’t good enough for him.

Throughout the night, the trio did all in their power to make Maya feel as uncomfortable as possible. Due to her broken English, she didn’t speak much, but she was aware of the tension.

The mother’s disapproving glares intensified as time passed by, and Maya decided to share that with OP in Norwegian. OP was as well aware of his mom’s inappropriate behavior, but he still decided to give her some time to get to know his fiance better.

Things got heated when the mother decided to propose a toast. “Cheers to my son and his [fiancée], she may not be the best woman for him, but I’m sure he’ll realize that once he sees what a [expletive] and gold digger she is. Or maybe she’ll grow a [conscience] and save him from [herself]. Cheers,” she said to the disbelief of the rest of the family.

Unable to bear the weight of the moment any longer, OP broke the silence with a firm declaration, he was severing ties with the toxic trio by uninviting them to his wedding.

“You realize that the choice for who the most important women in my life is hasn’t had you in the running for nearly a decade. I actually love her and would choose a kick to the nuts over you. The three of you aren’t welcome at the wedding, and Maya and I will be staying at a hotel for the rest of our time here [sic],” he declared, standing up for his loved one.

Although he believed he did the right thing when he decided to cut ties with his mother and his aunts, this decision sparked a cascade of familial disapproval.

OP’s sister stood by his side, but she was concerned that his actions could have far-reaching consequences on family relationships.

Other members of the family were also torn between choosing either OP’s side and attending his wedding, or siding with his mother.

OP’s father also found himself in an extremely delicate situation. He talked to his son and told him he wanted to be by his side on his big day, but he didn’t have the courage to stand up to his wife because he was scared she would leave him if he didn’t side with her on this one.

Many of his relatives started pressuring him to invite his mother and aunts to his wedding again, but OP stood by his decision.

Eventually, OP and Maya tied the knot in Norway, in her hometown.

OP wanted to know if he was on the wrong for excluding his mother and aunts from his wedding, but as expected, fellow Redditors decided he was NTA.

One user wrote, “Stick to your decision. And tell your father that you are standing by your wife the same way he is standing by his.”

A second person divulged, “NTA and thank you for standing up for your girlfriend. Your mother was way out of line and she showed her true self. You are not at all unreasonable and don’t let anyone tell you that.”

Meanwhile, another one added, “NTA I keep thinking of the quote, ‘you marry a man, you marry his family.’ If I were in Maya’s shoes I would seriously be considering running for the hills. I hope you can mend this with your bride.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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