A source claimed After several attempts, Gwen Stefani, 53, is expecting her first child with Blake Shelton.



The dream of Gwen Stefani (53) and Blake Shelton about a child together has allegedly come true!
Shelton recently said he was “so proud” of Stefani, who appeared to be showing off her baby bump. The couple has faced pregnancy rumors before.
As per an article from December 2022, Blake Shelton faced challenges in finding the right balance between being a role model and a friend to his stepsons. The renowned country music artist, along with his wife Gwen Stefani, whom he has been married to for one year, actively nurtured and brought up her three sons.

In 2021, Shelton shared his experience of being consistently present in the lives of Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma Rossdale. He expressed his contentment in being friends with the boys but also acknowledged the influence his words held over them.


It was “terrifying” for the singer because he realized it was a big responsibility and wondered if being a stepfather was harder or maybe more challenging than being biological. However, the answer to his questions was reportedly just around the corner.

The source claimed that Stefani wanted “nothing more than to give her husband ‘her child.’”

The insider stated that the country singer’s wife “decided a few months ago to give IVF another shot” after taking a break from trying to have a baby.

The singer reportedly gave up on in vitro fertilization (IVF) because it didn’t work and was emotionally draining, but decided to try again. Shelton leaving “The Voice” after 23 seasons would allow him to be a more present father.

The source claimed that Stefani put a lot of pressure on herself to get pregnant for Shelton, which caused him to be affected as well, and he hated to see her like that. The singer stopped and focused on their engagement in 2020, wedding next year, her career and children.

Then a few months ago, in 2022, the couple reportedly visited a specialist in Los Angeles. The No Doubt member began eating healthier, doing acupuncture, meditation and more to prepare, and in early December of that year, it was revealed that she was reportedly “finally pregnant.”

This couple’s dream came true, Stefani was reportedly pregnant with her fourth child at the age of 53! Some reports have already come out stating that Shelton’s wife has already had a sign that she is pregnant!

Did Gwen show her baby bump?
On October 26, 2022, Stefani walked the red carpet at the NIVICI Matric Awards in a pink dress that reportedly showed off her baby bump! The source claimed her friends were excited about her pregnancy, while she and her husband were reportedly “overjoyed” and considered it a “Christmas miracle”.

Two days later, Shelton, then 46, shared a photo on social media of him and his wife posing for photos at the event. He noted how she was his “favorite person” and said he was “proud” of her, with one fan asking below the post:

“Is that a baby bump?”

Another person congratulated the couple, revealing how happy they were for the pair as they “expanded your family!” A fan sent the couple “many blessings” from God.

More celebrities were expected for the event, including games, cakes and mocktails.

A third person also spotted the alleged baby bump and remarked how Shelton would make a “great father!!” According to other sources, the couple was already preparing for their fourth child, and the country star was ready to be a father because he was already a stepfather.

How did the couple prepare for their alleged future child?
Although Stephanie’s children were not his biological children, Shelton treated them as if they were. However, the source said he joked that his home had enough testosterone and that he wanted a “girlfriend” if he could.

The couple has reportedly been preparing their homes in Oklahoma and Los Angeles to welcome their child. The insider said Shelton has already bought a pink cowgirl hat and boots and has been working on building some things in the nursery, like a crib.

The country singer took care of his wife, ensuring her comfort, relaxation, and tranquility following the lengthy journey that brought them to this place. It has been reported that Shelton sought the assistance of Taylor Swift to organize a cozy baby shower with an animal theme.

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